Thursday, February 8, 2007

Any control freaks out there? You are reading an update from one now. Well, should I say a former one? I have always been one to try to hold on to control in many situations. Crazy huh?! I know Who is really in control, but I still had to hold on to just a little bit! These past few months have been a blessing for me in many ways. For one, I now know I am definately not in control! God has been trying to tell me this for quite awhile, but it's sinking in finally! I feel so comforted and relaxed with my present situation knowing God has it under control. He has a plan and it will be fulfilled no matter how hard I try to control it. Wow! What a relief! So, for all you control freaks out there: Just let go and join the comfort I have found!

Back to yesterday's update, I was misinformed about the Staph infection maybe causing what happened on Tuesday. I spoke with a cardiologist yesterday evening and they believe it was the fault of Gavin's mitral valve having too big of a leak. They knew he had the leak and that it would require surgery in the future, but thought he could get by until he grew some more. Gavin is showing them that this might not be the case. They do not feel comfortable sending him home with this problem if this episode could happen again. I totally agree! So, now the plan is to do surgery next Friday if nothing else shows up to what could have caused Gavin to have such an episode. We are still waiting to see if anything else grows on the cultures they have taken.

Today Gavin is doing well. He has been taken off further medication and the ventilator settings have been decreased. He is handling the changes well thus far.

I just want to thank all of you again for your support! I see so many patients come and go since Gavin shares a room with three others. It can be depressing for me to see them go so quickly when we've been here so long. But then I think about how much love, support and prayers we are receiving from everyone and think; maybe others aren't so fortunate to have this blessing. God has blessed us with His love and promises, along with all of you! He knows we can handle being here because of this! So, Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

I am thinking of coming home this weekend for a few days. I know that Gavin will be taken well care of and our other boys probably need some time with me too. I know it will be good for me too. So, maybe I'll see some of you soon!

Love, Alicia

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