Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gavin is having a very good day today! He slept well and is quite happy! Maybe he's trying to impress dad and all the brothers. They are all here today and will be here through Tuesday. No new news on Gavin really except that O.T. gave him some thumb splints to wear. They keep his thumbs from tucking into his fists. When they are tucked in it makes it harder to grab for things. He is an escape artist though, he still gets those thumbs free and tucks them in! Little stinker! We're going to call the splints his batting gloves!

Great news on Michal! He's going home today! He is still vomiting and going home with a nasal gastric tube for feeding, but otherwise doing good! His mom says they are excited, but nervous about heading back into civilization. I know it will be scary for us too! But, they will be fine and we're so happy for them!

Thanks for your prayers! Have a great weekend!

Love, Alicia

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