Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gavin seems to be a big hit here lately with the nurses, doctors and respitory therapists. I just got here around one o'clock and they keep coming in with big smiles saying he looks real good! I think they are just as surprised as we are that he was able to get and stay off the vent! We know there's nothing our God can't do! We are so thankful for this gift! It took awhile, but we know it is all in God's timing and it just makes it even more special to us!

The staff here is so terrific! I called often when I was home, but a doctor and our favorite nurse still called to give us updates when Gavin had made additional progress! They have such big hearts and have really become like family to us! It will be hard to say goodbye.....well, not that hard! They said he may move down to the moderate care unit towards the end of the weekend! So, we are getting closer to home already!

Please continue to pray for Michal (this is how they spell it, I was wrong before). He still has a collapsed lung. They found out that his diaphragm isn't moving and is going up into one side of his lung making it unable to fill with air. He may have surgery tomorrow. I am so excited about Gavin's progress, but want him to be doing well too. I know how it feels when your child isn't doing well and other's are getting well. So, my happiness is diluted thinking about his family. She continues to have faith and is very happy for us. I hope that I can be a support to her as she was for me.

Thankyou for your prayers and the many acts of kindness you have shown to our family. I'm working on thankyous for many people (I hate to admit, slowly). I hope I don't forget anyone! If I do, Please know that your kindness has meant so much to us!!! We are very blessed!

Love, Alicia

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