Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gavin continues to improve in some areas, but not in others. He started having seizures yesterday afternoon and continues to be having small ones today it seems. They did a CAT scan which showed good results. They also did an EEG of the brain which is uncertain. They hoped to do a MRI to get better results, but Gavin has a pacemaker and since the MRI is like a huge magnet it isn't a good idea to do when someone has a pacemaker. So, now we wait and see if he continues the seizures and if it has had an effect on him neurologically. He is on anti-seizure medication for now. This new problem has us quite worried.

I was praying that God take Gavin home yesterday, but since he has improved so much in some areas, (Such as, maybe getting off the vent in the next day or two and all the blood work numbers are improving.) I see God isn't ready for that at this time. We have been struggling with how much intervention is too much concerning keeping Gavin alive. We had a good talk with our Pastor today and feel now that we need to keep going as long as there is uncertainty. Uncertainty meaning; that as long as there is hope that they can correct health issues and that Gavin's life can be saved, we need to keep fighting with Gavin and leave the rest to God to decide. This is a comfort to us.

I've decided to get proactive about some of the things that could have been prevented with Gavin's 'care'. I know that things that were missed can't be changed, but I want to fuel this anger that I have into something positive. So, I'm hoping to start a movement or foundation to ensure that there is less of a chance of this happening again. I have already thought of a name for it: Gavin's Voice.

I am so angry about what has happened with Gavin this week! This shouldn't have happened! I feel it is so important that health care workers take the time to HEAR the patients and their families and not miss something because they weren't listening! There are a few simple things that could be changed to ensure this. Like, having more continuity of care. When so many doctors are seeing patients each week it is so easy for them to miss something because they can't compare the patient today with how they looked yesterday. Plus, they send out evaluations after the hospital stay is over to see how the patient feels their stay went, Why not do this during the stay too? This way problems could be fixed during the time the patient needs treatment, instead of when it's too late for that patient. They could ask questions, such as: Do you feel anything is being missed with your care? Are you being listened to? Are we as health care professionals communicating well with you? I feel this would leave a smaller chance for error to occur. No doctor can read a patient's whole chart everytime they see a patient and they are human too. So, keeping the patient and their family involved and getting their impute would help make sure that the doctor knows the patient's history and help prevent errors. Sorry for rambling! I guess I'm passionate about this topic right now! If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Love, Alicia

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connie said...

I do have an idea about this. Where have you gotten on this? In all your spare time, I mean.