Monday, June 25, 2007

I have been quite depressed the last week. I was really hoping that Gavin's last surgery would help him to feel a lot better! So, far it hasn't. He still continues to gag and cough quite a lot during the day! For some reason, he does much better at night. He is still getting fed continuously by the feeding pump all night, so I don't know what makes him do better at night, but at least he gets some relief! I really hope that doctors can figure out what the problem is and fix it soon!

I've also just come to the realization how far behind Gavin is developmentally. I think while I was focusing on getting him through all the surgeries I just didn't concentrate on him developmentally because with every surgery and hospital stay he became weaker and lost skills that he was gaining anyway. So, now that all his surgeries are supposedly done for quite some time, as long as he keeps improving heart wise, I plan on working him hard! No more Mrs. nice mom! He is going to make progress if it kills me! I plan on doing lots of therapy with him throughout the day. He isn't always fond of this. I don't blame him though! He's been in a hospital for about 5 1/2 of his 9 months! He has been struggling to just stay alive, as a friend from church reminded me yesterday. So, the fact that he isn't too happy with therapy makes sense, but I know he's up for the challenge and healthy enough to go for it! Yesterday he started to enjoy some of the therapy I was doing with him, so hopefully we are headed somewhere! Prayer requests for this week are: Less gagging and more comfortable! Strength for Gavin for boot camp with mom! Oh, also some big smiles for mom! He's been working on tiny ones, but I could really use a big one from him! I remember telling Joel when I was pregnant with Gavin, that I couldn't wait to hold our new baby and feed him a bottle because I just love it when babies look up at you while they are sucking and give you a little smile. It really saddens me now, because Gavin can't even drink by mouth AND he's not giving too many smiles! So, BIG prayers for smiles please! I'm not asking for too much am I?!

To end this depressing update I'll share some great news! My sister got engaged to a terrific guy this weekend! Congratulations Amy and Mark! I'm so excited for you both! I'm excited for me too! Maybe now I can actually become an aunt! Not to rush you or anything!!! :) Anyway, We are happy for you!

Have a great day and thanks for your prayers!

Love, Alicia and Family

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Julie said...

Hey sweet girl!! So sorry to hear of your recent struggles and that Gavin isn't improving as hoped after the surgery. I can't imagine how much it hurts your heart to see him uncomfortable. You are a wonderful mother and "boot camp" sounds like a great way to focus on the positive. You are amazing and we love you guys tons!!!! The offer always stands that we are here to help in any way we can. The boys are welcome to come to Lansing and between Amy/Mark & Tim/Rena & I, they would have a great time.
Love & Prayers,