Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gavin is still in hospital! He is taking his time recovering. He's been up and down, depending on the day. He is off the CPAP for now, but only because he hated it SO much and I made them take it off. He was in too much distress with it on. I figured he'd do better if he was kept calm. Now he is on regular oxygen at 3 liters, which is a lot for a little guy! He was at 4 liters, so hopefully he'll continue to get down on the amount and off of it entirely soon!

I've been quite grumpy these last few days, having to watch him go through this again! Mama Bear has had to emerge a few times to make sure that they are remembering that Gavin IS a baby and not just another case! They don't think about how it must FEEL for him to go through this! So, I have had to assert myself a couple of times to make sure Gavin is being treated well. It doesn't feel good to do this, but I have to look out for the Vinster too!

Please continue to pray that Gavin improves quickly and that he can come home soon!

Love, Alicia and Family


The Zondervan Family said...


Gavin, you, and your family are still in our prayers constantly! Those CPAP machines are awful. You did the right thing in having them take it off of Gavin. We hope your hospital stay doesn't last too much longer and that you can go home again. You're doing an amazing job managing all of Gavin's needs, along with those of your other boys as well. I can't even imagine. Keep up the good work and God bless!!

- Robin, Ray & Caleb

Amy said...

Good for you for speaking up!! As much as it might feel mean to do so, you are doing the best for everyone involved. To not do so and then have regrets is not something you will have to worry about now that you've spoken up. As always, you make me so proud!! Thanks for the update! xoxo (Aunt) Amy

Annette Selden said...

We've been praying for Gavin and the rest of you. We'll pray especially that he gets to come home soon. He's so blessed to have you as a mom--God gave him a mom who knows what she's talking about at the hospital and isn't afraid to assert herself. I hope they continue to listen to you!

Sue Rumph said...

We think of you all so often. Loving so much and trusting so much leave us tired, yet secure in His higher purpose. I was challenged this week in my own life by 2 questons at Bible study: What difficult circumstances in my life will I choose to trust Him? How am I responding? You remind me that it takes courage, faith and perseverance. He supplies it all. We see it in you. Love, Sue