Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gavin continues to do well, except he has been having seizures again. :( He has been totally off the oxygen for the last couple of days. This makes everyone happy! Gavin doesn't have to try to pull it off, mom and dad don't have to constantly try to keep it on, we don't have to lug the tank around and Jacob worries less about him when he doesn't see the tube on Gavin's face! Let's hope and pray that he can stay off of it!

As you may see, I've posted another photo show. The boys are sooo tired of me coming at them with a camera! I keep telling them that they'll appreciate it someday! There are a few new pictures on Gavin's carepage site too.

Have a beautiful Fall day! Thanks for your continued prayers!

Love, Alicia and Family


Julie said...

The pictures of the boys are adorable. Gavin is getting so big. I'm glad he's doing better.

Amy said...

I can barely HANDLE the cuteness from your newest photoshow. Thank you!!

So sorry to hear Gavin is having seizures again. He'll pull through, though...he always does!

xoxo A~

Anonymous said...

It looks like all the boys are getting into country living. Hope they rake a lot of leaves.

Pastor Freswick