Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our little red head is turning into a blond!

So, what do you think? Do you like Gavin as a red head or a blond? Yep, his hair color is changing just like Jacob's and Nolan's did! I like Gavin as a blond, but I think the grandmas are a little sad. At least they have Caleb, who's red hair is stickin' around! :)

Gavin has had an awesome 2 1/2 weeks! No seizures that we can see! I am sooooo excited about this! He has also been active a lot more and still 'talking' to us a lot! AND.....He has actually smiled!!! Joel said that Gavin smiled for him on Saturday, but I didn't believe him. Lastnight I believed him, because Gavin gave one to me too! It was the most precious sight I've ever seen I think! The last time that I saw Gavin smile was back in April before his stroke. Like I've said before, he gives happy looks, but hadn't actually smiled since then. That's a long time to wait for a smile! But, it was so worth it! God is so good! It's funny how differently you can look at a situation. We are so excited when Gavin does ANYTHING! We just don't know how advanced he will become due to the stroke. This may be it, but it's more than he was doing 2 weeks ago! People ask me how he's doing and when I tell them Great!, I think they are surprised by my answer since he's at a 1-2 month level at 16 months of age. But, we see progress and are thankful for EVERY little thing! So, I usually say Gavin is doing great for Gavin! (He's not in the hospital, he's trying to do things and he's alive!) And this week I feel he's doing really great!

Gavin has his sleep study this weekend and an airway fluoroscopy at the hospital to rule out trachea malaysia. I'm hoping that he doesn't have sleep apnea because then he would probably have to wear oxygen or cpap at night. He would NOT appreciate this at all! Please pray that he handles the tests well and that we are given good reports!

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever!" Psalm 136:1

Love Alicia and Family


Kimberly Hass said...

Wow! What a blondie! Well, his red hair served him well -- giving him that fighting spirit when he needed it.

How it must warm your heart to see him smile again. And no seizures -- now that's something to smile about!

Love you,

The Zondervan's said...

Yea!!! Smiles!!!! Hearing that Gavin smiled made me smile too :)

Go, Gavin!!!

Wendy Koelewyn said...

What great news to hear that Gavin has smiled again after so long! It's such an amazing and encouranging milestone for you and your family! I'm glad God is giving Gavin a break from the seizures, too.

I can relate to the hair color changing--today I took my three little ones out for hair cuts and really noticed that Allie still has her pretty white-blonde hair, while Hannah and Nathan's hair color has darkened quite a bit over time. It's interesting to see the changes.

Your Mom just gave me this site, so as I have time I'll probably go back and read your postings and people's comments to get caught up with what's been happening. It's so wonderful to see how through all of this you've grown closer to God and have been able to reach out with your testimony to others along life's road. Sharing and caring is what life is all about, and you've definitely been on both the giving and receiving ends of this spectrum!

Well, you all take care of yourselves with this wintry storm we're having, okay? God bless!


Wendy Koelewyn

Annette Selden said...

This is the best news I've heard all day, Alicia! I'm thankful for smiles, progress, and no seizures. Thanks for sharing this with us! And Gavin is adorable no matter what color his hair is. I don't know why God makes us wait so long for things sometimes, but when He finally gives us a gift, it is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Alicia.
how are the kids doing with all the snow days. :)
We are praying that all goes well with the sleep study.
Patt Ybema

Inspired said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm so happy that you & Joel both got the joy of seeing him smile....what a blessing. And 2 1/2 weeks of doing well is nice too!!!! We pray he continues to well & are thankful that he's had a good few weeks.
Sending lots of love,
Julie, Tim & Rena

mommy to 2 bugs said...

Yahoo for the Vinster....(that is my fav nickname for him by the way!!). Just when you wonder what God will do next, he sends smiles from Gavin...could there be a sweeter gift?? yes, I suppose the no seizures is also quite sweet!! Keep up the good work buddy!! and as for the red hair, I'm sure the gramma's will be saddened....I know my mom ALWAYS wanted a little red head....but I love the blondie!!! take care!! The boys and I missed you and your boys last Sunday....hopefully the next superbowl will be better!!
love to all!

ruehshouse said...


It is great to hear that Gavin is doing so well. And I have to say I like the blonde hair--being a blonde myself. HAHA He is so cute. I pray for you everyday!! I also pray that gods gives me your strenght and patience. Tell Gavin to keep up the good work.

Love you all--