Friday, March 7, 2008

Aren't I handsome and studious looking in my new glasses?! Mommy and I went to have them fitted for me yesterday. I don't like it when she is trying to put them on my face, but once they are on I'm really good about keeping them on. Well, most of the time! Mommy has a new nick-name for me now, like I needed another one! She calls me Ralphie. I guess it comes from a movie called "A Christmas Story", one of the family's favorite movies. So, I guess it's O.K. to be called that since everyone really likes the boy in that movie. But then Caleb started to call me another name. Simon, from "Alvin and the Chipmunks." I'm not so sure about this name, but what's a little fella like me to do about it? Anyway, I can see a whole lot better with them on! Mommy says that I'm following objects a little better and I really stare at things now like I'm shocked to see something. I didn't realize the world had so much to see! I knew it was loud though, living with my brothers!

Mommy says she's so proud of me! I also went to the pulmonologist yesterday. The doctor said that my lungs sounded "Awesome!" He also said that he's surprised that I haven't gotten sick or been in the hospital this season. I guess it's the worst cold and flu season in a long time, according to him. He told my mommy to just keep up what we are doing because it's working! I guess this means I'm stuck in the house longer. Oh Well! Oh, I haven't had any more seizures either! I even got to go down on my Phenobarb medicine and I'm still seizure free since January! Mommy is REALLY happy about this! You wouldn't believe how much more relaxed she is because of it!

By the way, my big brother had a birthday yesterday! Jacob turned 12! He's so old! Mommy says that there is no way that she could possibly have a 12 year old, but he really is! My Grandma Doty also had a birthday this week, but I won't tell you how old she is. I guess you're not supposed to say how old ladies are after a certain age. It doesn't make much sense to me, but I guess I'll follow the rules! My Great Grandma Pylman is having her birthday next week and my big brother Caleb will turn 5 at the end of March! Boy! I guess we'll be having lots of fun around here! Happy Birthday to all of you!

Thanks for all your prayers for me! I really appreciate them and all the love that's been shown to my family! Mommy says she has a few things to add, so...Bye for now!

I wanted to let you know that I've added a new blog to the sidebar. It's about a family who has lost two babies soon after birth, the most recent a boy named Asher. I have been touched by reading their site and feel that I'm learning a lot by reading it. I have learned more about the fact that life is short and that we should all stop taking things for granted. I've also learned that we all complain WAY too much, if we just look around we'd find someone a whole lot worse off than ourselves! I've also learned even more that God is merciful and His grace sustains! Please add this family to your prayers!

I also want to share a little of what we heard in church this week. I'll start by saying that as humans we feel we need to be in control and that we fear way too much. I know I do! We learned that the ONLY thing that we should fear is the fear of sinning against God. God has the rest under control! We need to leave it all to Him and glorify in that God will never leave us, nor forsake us! He'll never leave us even in our hardest struggles or when we are being the worst that we can be. So, we should all try to strive to glorify Him in ALL that we do, knowing that He is always here for us! "Press towards that Goal!"

"For He who is mighty has done great things for me, And holy is His name. And His mercy is on those who fear Him from generation to generation." Luke 1:49-50

Have a great weekend! We are going to try, but we are starting to remodel our kitchen. So, I'm sure I'll be a little stressed with the mess and not having a kitchen for awhile. Especially, with all the medications that I prepare for Gavin in there! I know it will be worth the aggrivation in the end though!

Love, Alicia and Family


Kimberly Hass said...

Gavin, you look so handsome in your new glasses! Love them. Glad to hear that your lungs are sounding 'awesome' and that you have been seizure-free. That is the best news!!

Love you,

Annette Selden said...

Love the new glasses, Gavin! You're such a cutie! And we're so happy to hear that you're doing well in so many other ways.

Happy birthday to all the VanderWalls and family! (We love Christmas Story too! And it's definitely a compliment to be called Ralphie. Now all Gavin needs is pink bunny pajamas :))

Anonymous said...

OH, you do look handsome in those glasses. You can tell from the pictures that you can see. What a miracle glasses are!

Good sounding lungs, staying healthy and siezure free to boot, what wonderful blessings!!!


Amy said...

Mr. Gavin, you look SOOOOO cute in your new glasses! And I'm so happy that you can see better! Next time I see you, I hope my silly mug doesn't scare you! ;o)


Auntie Amy

Inspired said...

Gavin - you are very handsome in your new glasses. You never needed glasses to see just how wonderful your family is, but glad you are seeing everything else better : ) Thank you for being so good lately by not getting sick and keeping your glasses on. You are an amazing little boy and we love you!
Julie, Tim & Rena

mommy to 2 bugs said...

Oh my goodness Gavin!!!!! You are toooo dang cute for words!!!! You made me smile today!! Thank you sweet baby!!! Also, Gavin, if it makes you feel any better, EVERYONE calls my little Egan "Ralphie" too since he got his glasses!!!
We love you and are sending lotsa kisses your way!
PS Happy Birthday JAKE!!! (and I can't believe your mommy has a 12 year old means we're all getting older!!!) and a happy early birthday to sweet Caleb!!
Love to all!!
nicole and gang

ruehshouse said...


You are such in inspiration to me. Everytime I read your blog i find we so many feelings in common--very different situations but the same feelings. So many times during fertility I would just keep thinking why me--and then I would remember I know there are people in worse situations than me. I had to remind myself to be thankful for what god had given me and not dwell on what I couldnt have. I have a great husband--a beautiful home and food to eat--there are so many people that dont even have that. Last night I had to remind myself again to be thankful for what I have after finding out my niece who is 19 is having a second child. She cant take care of the 1st one but God is letting her have another. I so wish I could understand--after crying myself to sleep I woke up feeling better knowing that ryan and I are doing what God wants us to do with foster care.
I'm so glad to hear Gavin is doing well--he is SO cute in his glasses...The Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies too.

Love you lots--

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't seen anything this cute in a very long time! I love the glasses...and hopefully they make this world much more interesting for Gavin! Happy Birthday to all...I will be bringing some things at the end of March when I come up to visit!! Love you all! Love, Aunt Rachel

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