Friday, April 18, 2008

Before, During and After.....

Gavin had a busy morning today! Unfortunately, it all entailed doing things that he doesn't really like to have done! I changed his feeding tube button that goes directly into his stomach (you should do this at least every 6 months I'm told), he got a hair cut (this is hard on both of us since he doesn't sit up on his own and I have to do it with him lying down) and he got a bath (Gavin has never been fond of this, although he is liking it better since I started doing it in the kitchen sink!) Anyway, now he's like a new little man! Here are some pictures of before, during and after:

As, you can see, he got a little worn out from it all! I think he looks really cute, but Caleb says he looks "Silly!"
Gavin is still doing well (for Gavin!) He is still seizure free and staying healthy! We got back results from the sleep study. They said he does NOT have sleep apnea---Yay! But, he does have "primary snoring." They say it could be from a number of reasons, such as, allergies. I think it's because he has a narrow airway, slightly larger tongue size and, well..., he's got it in his genes! :) So, this was great news, we won't have to put him on O2 or a machine at night!
Gavin continues to gag and spit up a lot. This worries me because he does it right after his meds are given and I'm afraid that he's spitting them up, but he's doing well, so I guess I shouldn't worry! Gavin also continues to struggle developmentally, which is probably due to the stroke that he had. We are still working with him, hoping that someday he'll at least be able to sit up on his own. Please pray that he can make some strides with this and that we can remain patient, hopeful and at peace with God's plan! Have a wonderful weekend!
"Peace be with you" John 20:19


Anonymous said...

Well he is just the cutest little boy!!! That looks like a lot of hair that is on the floor. He will feel better now that it is getting warmer. So glad to hear that he does not have sleep apnea. One less machine that you have to worry about. Hopefully you can find out what is causing the gagging. Praise God that he has been seisure free and healthy. Keeping you all in our prayers. Love The Hilton's

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Just when you think he can't possibly get any cuter.....he gets a fresh new hair cut...and voila...cuter!! what a huney buney!
Praise God that he is doing so well!! We'll keep praying that they'll be able to know what is making the poor little man gag and spit up! Give him losta kisses for us!
Love you!
nicole and gang

Michelle Hoffner said...

I am Pamela Souter's sister - I have been following your family's struggles and triumphs ove the last year or so, since Pam told me about Gavin. I have to tell you how much I admire your undying faith and your strength, and every time I read that Gavin is "seizure free" my heart leaps a little for you. I am glad to see him doing so well and hope that it just continues to keep getting better for you.
Michelle Hoffner

Amy said...

What a sweetie!!! I LOVE his new haircut!! And all that hair leftover in a pile had me cracking up. Your boys sure do grow it fast!! Good job getting all these little chores done; sounds like you could use a nap, too! ;o)

Can't wait to see you this weekend!! Love you!

Annette Selden said...

What a lot of hair that boy has! And he does look so adorable--nice work with the cut! We're still praying that God will continue to show us His power at work in Gavin. (He already has in so many ways.)

Anonymous said...

Gavin you are so cute. I will have to come and see your mom when my kids need there hair cute--she did a great job. Glad to hear you are doing well. Hope you are enjoying these nice days.

April and Family

Anonymous said...

And also with you

I love his hair cut! What a handsome little man you guys have there!