Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Multi-Million Dollar Boy

This week we got a bill in the mail for Gavin's feeding supplies. Normally and THANKFULLY we don't get a bill because, between the two insurances that we have for Gavin, the amount is covered by them. I was shocked to see the amount of money it takes to keep Gavin fed for a month. The total was $671!!! This includes the formula that he is on and the feeding pump bags. The total to feed Gavin per month is actually more like $500 since I try to conserve the feeding pump bags. They say to use 1 per day, but I use the bag for 2 days, because it seems like such a waste of money and a waste of plastic. So, it's around $500 to feed Gavin for 1 month! The rest of our family eats for less than this per month and there are 5 of us! Yet, one little guy, who doesn't even like to eat, is needing $500 to eat on his own!

After I saw this bill, I started thinking about how expensive Mr. Gavin is! We are very blessed to have almost everything covered by our 2 insurances! Of course, we have to pay the premiums each year for both and occasionally there is something that isn't covered, but for the most part we are VERY BLESSED that we don't have to pay for everything! There is NO WAY that we could, if we had to! In addition to his feeding supplies, there are his medicines! This would cost an arm and a leg! I joke around that we keep the pharmacy down the road in business with just our family alone! There is also the cost of physical therapy, the many doctor's visits, all the equipment that he has and needs. Then add in the cost of his hospitilizations over the last couple of years! I saw one bill from when he was in the hospital for a long time and it was over a million dollars!!! I also saw a bill for the helicopter ride that he took, it was for $25,000!! And, he took 2 of these transport rides!

So, this week, although it seems like there is never enough money to pay for everything we need and want in life, I am taking time out to be thankful for the money we do have! I know that there will be MANY things that Gavin will need in the future that insurances will not cover. We have already had to pay for many things that they wouldn't and his needs will only become greater as he grows, but all in all we are BLESSED beyond belief! Not only do we have insurance, but we have had the blessings of many friends and family who have helped us out in SO MANY ways when Gavin was away in the hospital and we were having to live in hotels and travel a lot. Plus, we've had people give to us to save for Gavin's future needs, like a wheelchair ramp, etc.

This road has not been an easy one and I'm sure that the future will be filled with many more bumps in the road, but God has shown us in so many ways that we WILL be cared for, no matter what the future holds for Gavin and the rest of our family! I am SO THANKFUL for this!

So, you may be wondering if this little man is worth all this expense.....?????

If you ask me, he is worth EVERY penny and a whole lot more!

"You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created." Revelation 4:11


Hope said...

He's worth so much more!! It's astounding how much it costs to care for special needs children. Crazy. I've started a file to save receipts on things insurance won't cover like the AFO socks and shoes Ava will need, etc... It all adds up so fast. Even the gas to get to all these appts is crazy.

((Hugs)) to you and Gavin!

Lacey said...

Definitly worth every penny. I can't believe what they get away with charging. I pay 2000 a month for feeding stuff. The bags, pump and food. Ridiculous.

Heather said...

Worth every cent,I must sat too.Look at that happy face.It is daunting but I have learned to not sweat it.We do what we can and pray we can eventually take care of the rest.Now that we are home,the fun begins.Back to therapies and supplies and equipment.Overwhelming but after what we have just gone through and after these first 2 years,I figure we will get through the rest.Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Alicia, Gavin is worth EVERY penny, for sure! His picture today says it all...You're a great mom, whose little one loves you SOOOO much! I can see it in his face. (hugs)

Today, at this moment, 8 -year old Tommy Schomaker, another Care Pages guy from our church, (and a former preschooler of Roger's)is in the early stages of receiving a heart transplant, which started at 11am. Surgery should last 8 -9 hours. Please pray for Tommy's family, and the surgeons, and for the sweet family that donated Tommy's perfect heart. It is so bittersweet. Thank you.
Marilyn Miller, Auburn Hills, MI

Alicia said...

Absolutely worth it all!!!

We are lucky that we finally got on our state's Medicaid waiver at the beginning of the year. Our insurance does not cover formula. Marissa is on Pediasure and the bill for that is about $500 a month. We are blessed to have insurance and secondary coverage, but sometimes I really wonder what goes through the minds of the big wigs at the insurance company. What do they think I am going to feed my daughter who does not eat by mouth... Kool Aid??? It's not cheap AND we DO pay our premiums each month, so they SHOULD pay for it! So right now, her formula is completely covered by Medicaid, which we also pay taxes into.

I was shocked when we met our out of pocket maximum for Marissa in the first 3 weeks of her NICU stay! Way too expensive.

But, of course, all these kiddos are worth every penny and more! THAT is what you call PRICELESS!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Million dollar baby for sure!!!! Thank God for insurance!

Michelle said...

Absolutely worth it all!! It is unbelievable to me as well how much thins cost. Just the little humidivents Lillian wears to cover her trach are almost one thousand dollars for a one month supply....I know exactly where you are coming from!!

Annette Gysen said...

Isn't it encouraging to look back and see how God has provided! Gavin is priceless!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

He is worth a trillion gazillion dollars!! :)

We figured that Peanut hit a million dollars before her second birthday. Crazy!

connie said...


Inspired said...

Every penny for sure!!


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