Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Momma!!!

I was an irresponsible Mom this weekend! I shouldn't have done something, but I really wanted to do it, so I did. Now I'm paying the consequences!

We had a big weekend planned. Saturday was the Down syndrome Buddy Walk and afterwards we planned on celebrating Gavin's birthday, by having some family and friends over for his party.

Unfortunately, Gavin started out by having a bad morning on Friday. He was really gaggy and spitting up a lot, so I kept him home from school that day. Then, through the night he starting coughing. Here is where I made a bad choice. Instead of keeping Gavin home from the Buddy Walk and canceling his party, I decided to go through with our plans. I really should have called it all off, but I love participating in the walk and we had family coming into town for it, so we took him anyway.

He did fine, but Saturday evening, after the walk and party, he began to get really sick! Our oldest, Jacob, took one look at him and asked me; "Does he need to go to the hospital?" And, this is exactly what I was thinking!

Gavin ended up having a fever of 103 degrees and was coughing his little head off. His oxygen saturations were in the high 80's(he normally is in the mid to high 90's) and he was looking miserable! I felt like such a HORRIBLE Mom!

I almost put him on oxygen, but thankfully, he started to turn around after giving him extra breathing treatments and after doing lots of CPT (Chest Percussion Therapy). He is still coughing lots and still has a fever, but his oxygen sats are staying in the low to mid 90's, so it looks like we are going to be able to keep him out of the hospital for now.

I'm not sure about the whole school thing now. He has had 2 illnesses since starting school this year. I know that school is SO GOOD for him, but is it worth the risk?! I guess, for now, we will give it another chance when he starts feeling better, but the future is not looking bright for Gavin attending school all year long! I detest the cold and flu season! And, it's only just began!

Please pray that Gavin continues to improve and that he doesn't have to make a visit to the hospital anytime soon! THANK YOU!

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you that came out to walk with Gavin's Gang and thank you for all the generous donations! We are so thankful for all of you!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5


Hope said...

You weren't a bad mom. If we waited for our children to be perfectly healthy before we did anything, we would'nt ever do anything. It certainly wasn't your fault he is sick, hon.

Praying he feels better!!

Lacey said...

Why do they do this to us right before the Buddy Walk? We have yet to make it to a Buddy walk. You may have to do home and hospital at least through the winter season. To keep him healthy.

Alicia said...

I totally agree with Hope. Don't beat yourself up. We ride the fence all the time about when to keep Marissa home and when to take her places. I am currently agonizing about whether to take her out with friends on Halloween.

You do the best you can to balance health and fun. Be good to yourself and give yourself a break.

(((Hugs))) and prayers.

Michelle said...

Well, NUTS! I'm so sorry to hear Gavin is sick. It has been a wretched couple of weeks here too. I don't think any of what you did this weekend would have not happened had you stayed home...does that make sense?? Sometimes it is just hard to know the best thing. He already had the bug stirring in there, of that I'm sure.

Have you inquired as to him having homebound therapy due to the sickness issues? We will be taking that route. Don't know if it's possible in that area. Will be praying for you guys!

Cammie Heflin said...

Oh little man, PLEASE get strong so you can stay home! Praying for you buddy! Love, Addy

Tiffany said...

You're not a bad mommy! After doing our first walk I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it, so I can see why you still wanted to do it. Besides with these little people it sometimes is hard to guess what the spitting up is going to be from. Sometimes Isabelle is like that and that is the sign that she is starting to get sick. Other times she does that and it just means she's having an off day. Glad to see he turned it around and praying that your winter is spent only at home and not the hospital.

The Zondervan family said...

We're praying for Gavin! Hope he's feeling better. After last year's Buddy Walk, we ended up in the ER the next day as Caleb had come down with pneumonia! He was showing signs before the walk, but I took him anyway because I love going to the walk too! So, I know how you're feeling. Glad to hear you're still able to be home with Gavin.

The Zondervan family