Monday, October 26, 2009


Life has been busy, crazy and fun at our house for the last week! Here is a rundown of what we've been up to.

Ready, Set, Go!

Gavin and his brothers got their hair cut. Gavin is sticking out his tongue, because he HATES getting his hair cut! But, he sure does look cute and it sure is easier to handle!

We finally got some decent weather one afternoon last week and were able to go to a local farm to enjoy some Fall festivities and get our yearly Fall pictures of the boys.

We take pictures of them here each year to see how much they've grown since last year.

Jacob and Nolan went through the corn maze!

We got to feed these goats and watch them play fight with one another. They reminded me of our 3 older boys; stubborn and always picking fights with each other!

Gavin seemed to enjoy this!

The older boys got rid of some of their abundant energy!

Since the boys had a couple days off from school this week, Joel took some vacation time and we took the boys to a center that has lots of blow-up bounce activities. We are always looking for ways to get rid of all their extra energy!

Gavin even joined the fun for a minute, so that I could get a cute picture of him playing too! After that, Gavin and I went to a nearby mall to shop and get away from the craziness! :)

We had out-of state visitors for a couple of days! Grandpa and Grandma came from Indiana to see us! It's always nice to see them!

And, finally...we went to Uncle Jay's wedding! Here are the boys having fun dancing at the reception. (Another great energy expender!)

Here are my guys all dressed up for the big day. (Sorry for the picture quality, my camera was not behaving that night!) Congratulations Uncle Jason and Aunt Michelle! We are so happy for you!

WHEW! This week has worn me out! Between illnesses, accidents, visitors, fun, and weddings, I think that I need a vacation! Hmmm...? I don't think that will be happening anytime soon!

Gavin heads back to school today. He's been out for 2 weeks, either being sick or having fun. Hopefully he enjoys his first day back. I'm giving it one more shot. He's been sick 2 times in 1 month, since starting school. If he gets sick once more any time soon, I'll be keeping him home for the rest of the cold and flu season. This swine flu epidemic has me frightened and on edge! I think it's because this is all I hear about lately! I suppose I should spend my time praying, instead of worrying about it. What good will this do me?!

Hope all of you are doing well! Have a great day!

"Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?" Matthew 6:25


Lacey said...

Daddy called in sick today, I just think he's not ready to go back to work yet, but I'm thinking we'll try and get to the pumpkin patch after school today. I love to take the boys, but with Jax surgery we haven't had much time.

Tiffany said...

Wow! I'm worn out just reading about all your adventures. Great pictures! You have a good looking crew. So glad you got an opportunity to enjoy some outside time. It has just been so cold around here any nice weather is always welcome. Praying that the back to school thing will get better. We start school next year. I can't believe we are already at that point in Isabelle's life. Yikes! I'll be thinking about you guys and praying all goes well.

shan said...

Love all the wonderful pictures:) Very cute, exp. Mr Gavin standing up so tall! By the way, we got your package! THANK YOU! :) Josie loves the Tinkerbell and Sarah the lamb, and the plaque is on top of my fridge reminding me of things I need to know! You are a wonderful friend :)

Alicia said...

Busy is right!! Whew, take a breather! ; )

I love all the pics, your boys sure know how to have fun!

H1N1 has me on edge too. I think we finally decided to get the vac for Marissa, after much thought. We also just made the decision tonight to not go to a friend's Halloween party because of the threat. It's just too much to risk Marissa's health. Stupid virus!!

I hope you have a great week! And slow down, you're making me look bad! ; )

Christy said...

Love, Love, Love fall! Looks like y'all had fun at pumpkin patch. Wish we had a corn maze locally. How cool!

Hope said...

I'm exhausted reading that. LOL Gavin always looks so happy. Your boys are all so handsome. Is your phone being lit up with girls calling yet?

Annette Gysen said...

Glad that you had such a fun week! Praying that Gavin stays well and is able to avoid the nasty bugs. He has such a good mom!

Inspired said...

I'm tired just reading this entry! Sounds like such fun!