Monday, December 21, 2009

Sick Boy!

So, last week I posted about being worried because Gavin had a cough. Since this was his only symptom, and the cough sounded just like my grandma's used to sound like when she had congestive heart failure, I got myself all worked up into thinking that this is what Gavin might have!

I'm happy(?) to say that Gavin has added additional symptoms since then and it's definitely not congestive heart failure, BUT that he has continued to worsen over the last couple of days. He ended up getting a VERY stuffy nose (I have no idea how he is keeping his oxygen sats in the 90's because it is so bad!), his cough has gotten a whole lot worse and just last night he began getting a fever and was quite uncomfortabe during the night. He was up fussing for about 3 hours during the night and this is just not him!

I brought him to the doctor this morning and we found out that he has an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection. I feel so bad for my little man! He just looks and feels miserable!

We have him on an antibiotic now, so hopefully this will kick in fast and help him to feel better soon! While we were at the doctor, even though he was coughing and breathing so loudly that the whole office could probably hear him snorting evertime he took a breath, he gave lots of smiles and was talking away and bringing smiles to everyone in the waiting room! He is such a happy boy and tries to be happy even when he is feeling miserable! If you ask me, I think that he is a wonderful example of how we all should try to be!

I had to be a mean Momma while we were there and I felt terrible about this! He had to have his blood drawn and he also needed to get a shot! Nothing like knocking a little guy even further down than he already was feeling! But, he did awesome with both of these as he usually does! What a trooper!

We keep napkins close to Gavin most of the time since he gags and spits up often. Today I found him with one in his hand.

I guess he learned a new trick, maybe since he was tired of waiting for someone to wipe his nose?, because he started to wipe his nose and mouth with it! What a good boy!

I really hate to see Gavin sick! He doesn't understand what's going on and he just looks so pitiful to me! Pray that my Big Guy gets better fast! I don't have very much Christmas cheer with him feeling so rotten. Oh, and did I mention that now I have what he has and that we are supposed to have people over for Christmas Eve?! I usually stay quite healthy, even when our boys get sick, but of course not during the Christmas season! UGH!

Hope all of you are healthy and happy! Thanks for your prayers! HUGS!!!

"The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?" Proverbs 18:14


Hope said...

Awww Poor Gavin. I'm sorry he's sick and I hope he feels better super fast.

Becky said...

Get better SOON! Ben is sick too. Holding my breath. :( Merry Christmas! We got your card. I finally mailed mine out today.

Alicia said...

Poor guy! I'm sorry Gavin is so sick. There needs to be a law against kids getting sick around Christmas! I have faith he will be better by the big day though, especially with antibiotics on board. Now YOU just need to get some rest, fluids, and vitamins and get yourself better before the big day!

So awesome that he is wiping his nose, by the way!

Hugs and prayers...

Heather said...

Poor sweet boy.Praying he makes a turn for the better quickly.

Love the new trick though ... smart boy!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Hoping those meds kick in SOON! Is it summer yet?

My name is Sarah said...

Oh I hope you feel better Gavin.

Lacey said...

Look at that smart boy. He needs so come over and teach that to Jax, that kid won't hold a thing. Hopefully he feels better soon. Everyone is sick right now. I better knock on wood because we haven't had anything in our house for weeks.

Annette Gysen said...

I hope Gavin and you feel better soon--and that no one else gets it!
It's so cute that he's wiping his own nose, though. Good boy!

The Myers Family said...

I pray Gavin will get better soon. Hang in there Mom, everything get worse before it get better, is what I'm always told.Our prayers are with you and your family.
May God bless you during this Christmas season

ruehshouse said...

Poor little guy and you too mom!! Both of you get better soon!! Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas. Love you all.

Ruehs Family

Cathy said...

I just love the pictures of him wiping his nose.I say he is pretty talented. I am praying that your guy is feeling better by now. Also,you too!