Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Down.....3 To Go???

Caleb decided to join the crowd yesterday. He now has what Gavin and Nolan have! UGH!

I LOVE having 4 children, and I would even love to have more.....but when a virus enters our house and takes over our life.....I totally understand why couples stop at having just 2 children!

Thankfully Gavin is all better, besides the runny stools that come with antibiotic use. (I bought some Acidophilus yesterday, which I learned is a Probiotic, so hopefully this will help him out. Thanks for the tips friends!) And, Nolan is headed in the right direction....that direction being...healthy again. So, now we nurse Caleb back to health and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that the final 3 in our family don't come down with this nasty bug! Won't you join us in this prayer? Thanks!

And, because I'm tired of sharing such depressing are a few more pictures from our photo session with a friend of ours, for her college project. Enjoy!

Me, stretching Gavin out before putting on his AFO's:

Putting on Gavin's AFO's:

Big Brothers playing with Gavin:

Jacob and Gavin swinging:

Gavin and Momma sharing a moment and a smile:

Thanks again Katie! We are loving the pictures that you took of our family!

"He is the Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, a God of truth and without injustice; righteous and upright is He." Deuteronomy 32:4


Jenkins said...

Love the pictures.
Really love the pic of you holding his little precious.

Tiffany said...

Those pictures are just precious. What a gift to have! I often get inspired when I see all the pictures people like you take of your sweet ones and think I should be doing more of that myself. So thanks for sharing and inspiring.

As for the bug, I will be praying, praying, praying that the bug gets squashed before it gets to the other 3. It is miserable when so many people are miserable in the same house. Sending speedy recovery wishes your way.

Amy said...

OH NO!! Poor Caleb now, too?! Gah. No offense, but this is making me REAAAALLLLY glad I didn't have time to see you beautiful, germ-growing people last weekend! ;o)~

I pray everyone gets well soon and that the eldest VW's don't catch what the little ones are suffering from.

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Again, they brought tears to my eyes! It's so easy to see the vast love you all have for one another. What an amazing gift!

stephanie said...

i guess there is no escape from that virus. Sorry Caleb!!!

Love the pics and love Gavin's smile!

and I love the scripture you verses you add at the end of each post!!

Kelly said...

Praying that nasty bug finds it's way out of your home for good!!

Love the pics!!!

Becky said...

the pictures are just so sweet! xo

Heather said...

Pictures are beautiful.Virus,not so much.

What I did like however was the mention of liking,or I think you even said love, to maybe have more children ... please do .. I can live vicariously through you young ones ... that baby yearning is always present but in my case I suppose I can get my fill through my grandbaby.

And Zoey,because after all,I did go about it the hard way to get one to stay with me forever,didn't I?

Hope said...

I love the pictures!! I hope the virus clears soon. ((Hugs))

Lacey said...

Man you need a sick room to keep the kids away from everyone else. And lost of lysol!!

Debbie said...

The face of an angel!

Sending healthy thoughts and prayers!

HennHouse said...

I love these photos... what a brave boy you have!!!

Karol said...

I just found your blog. Gavin is beautiful. Cherish him with everything you have.

Alicia said...

I thought I commented yesterday but it must not have posted. Anyway...

I am sorry this seems to be hitting everyone in your house. I hope it has not spread to the rest of your bunch.

Great pics, good job Katie!

Have a great weekend!