Monday, June 14, 2010

If Gavin could talk, this would be so much easier!

This is how Gavin has looked for most of the weekend. Or, If he wasn't sleeping, he was whining or crying. He has been miserable! And, he can't even tell me where he hurts.....and this stinks!

I took him to Urgent Care Saturday afternoon, because he had a fever of 104 degrees, increased respirations and an elevated heartrate. He was also throwing up, despite his Nissen wrap which means that he shouldn't be able to throw-up. They did a chest x-ray, cathed him for a urinalysis and checked him out good, but nothing was found to be abnormal with him, besides his symptoms. The doctor put him on an antibiotic and said that he could be coming down with aspiration pneumonia, but at the time, Gavin's x-ray looked "good for his lungs." And then, we were sent home.

It has been a LONG weekend! And, it has been very trying on me, not knowing what is wrong with Gavin! I hate to hear him cry so much, especially since he rarely does this! I just wish that he could tell me what is wrong! Since I have no way of knowing where he hurts, my mind has been working overtime, thinking of all that could be wrong with him that could have been so easily missed.

The doctor at Urgent Care said that I was a "very informed Mother." While I took this as a compliment, I was mostly thinking to myself, "I so wish that I could go back to my days of innocence, and not know so much!" The things that I have to rattle off to the doctors and nurses are numerous and I would love to be innocent of all of this "wealth of knowledge." It would be so nice to just be a "mom" again!

But, I am no longer just a "mom" and Gavin has "taught" me a lot in these last few years. So, I just have to accept it and try to do the best for my precious boy.

He has had a continuous fever, even with Tylenol and Motrin being given intermittently and he continues to spit-up a lot! Between the crying and the spitting up, I am a very grumpy Momma! But, not grumpy enough to not feel so sad for my little man. I would love it if he could just tell me what is wrong!

This morning, I do see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. He actually gave me a smile this morning and his fever is low grade now. It was such a glorious moment when he gave me his little smile today! Gavin is normally a very happy boy and seeing him so sad has just about broken my heart! I think that whatever this day holds, this smile has given me enough fuel to keep on going. So, I'm very thankful for this!

Please pray for my sweet boy! I want my typical Gavin back! He has been getting sick every month lately, and this is 2 times already, in the last month. I don't know where he is coming down with all of this, because the rest of us have been healthy. I suppose it's from school.....which makes me think about the pros and cons of sending him to school. I guess I'll have to keep thinking about this one.

I just noticed that it has been about 2 weeks since I have posted anything on here. We have been a very busy family, with lots of changes going on in our lives. (Some good, some sad and some with lots of uncertainty.) Hopefully, things will slow down for us and I'll get the chance and the energy to get back on track with my posts.

Thanks for your prayers!

"I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You." Job 42:2


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

GRRRRRR! We have been dealing with the same thing! Alex took a poitive strep test before vacation, never had strep symptoms only grumpy and not himself, and of course he could never tell me his throat hurt. Got back from vacation he spikes a fever. He cant tell me whats going on.I HATE it. Its the hardest part.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Ugh, I hate that! I sure hope that Gavin feels better soon. Not being able to figure out what is bothering them STINKS! I am with you, I have such a normally happy smiling girl ... and to have her crying and grumpy is not normal.

I hope he is back to Gavin Normal soon!

April said...

Oh I'm so sorry he's feeling yucky- it breaks my heart when our little ones are miserable and we can't figure out why.... I'll be praying for you...
ps. You're anything but "just a mom" -- you're amazing :)

Amy said...

I've been worried silly ever since Mom told me that our buddy was so glad he gave his sweet mama a smile today, but I'm still going to ask for more - is that wrong? Praying lots and lots for Gavin and for you, too. I love you both so much!! (((HUGS)))

Michelle said...

Well, that is just a big old stinker...I'm so sorry, Alicia. It stinks to have so much uncertainty with our special kiddos. Sending you hugs...praying Gavin gets better and his Momma gets some rest. Hang in there sister. Some days it is neverending. LOTS OF LOVE your way,Michelle

Heather said...

Sure hoping that he is turning a corner.Hate that they are unable to tell us what exactly is bothering them .. sometimes the scariest part of this journey.

As for you Alicia,I am sending you prayers of peace during the ebb and flow of life and wisdom during the times of uncertainty.Just look to those gorgeous boys of yours and they will help you find your way... especially Mr.Gavin.

Love from California.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia and family
We are praying for Gavin and the rest of you. I'm sure it affects the WHOLE family. Praying for you in your decision making too. dont' know what it about, but I've been there, living in uncertainty.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..!!! I know its hard,, we would all like to have a crystal ball. But we do have something much better, A great and awesome God who knows what is best for us! Thinking and praying for you. Patt

Debbie said...

Sorry for Gavin, your frustration, and all you are bombarded and dealing with.
Kinda get it all...dealing with much of the same.

All I can offer is my prayers that Gavin feels better soon and you do too!


Tiffany said...

Awe, poor Gavin. I'm so sorry he is feeling so miserable. But as you and I have shared numerous times I also feel your pain and know your frustration. It would just be so nice if we could even get a slight clue as to what is bothering them when they are so under the weather. Hang in there! I'll be praying that the recovery just keeps moving forward and also praying for your continued patience till that comes.

Annette Gysen said...


I just learned that Mr. Pylman died! My sympathies to Joel and you and your family. He was such a sweet man.

And I'm sorry Gavin has been so sick. I know there's been a stomach virus going around, and I'm guessing these things hit Gavin much harder than typically healthy kids. I'm glad to hear he's turned a corner and hope you'll continue to see more smiles.

We'll keep you all in our prayers.