Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharing Gavin's Newest Equipment

I am always looking for great ideas, equipment, and tools to use with Gavin. When you have a child who can't even sit up on his own, you are always looking for a spot to place your child when you're not holding him. It really saddens me that Gavin is unable to move from place to place on his own, and also that he's unable to tell me if he's uncomfortable in a certain position.....or just plain bored from being in that position.

Because I am very concerned about his comfort level, I try to find chairs and equipment that he will be comfortable in.....or at least help him to gain some type of therapy by being in it for awhile. I also look for items that are not too heavy for me to carry, and those that are easy to transport.

I have gained so many great ideas from other Mommas out there, and I'm always interested in learning new ideas. So, Gavin and I wanted to share a few items that he has acquired in the last few months.

First, is his new stroller. I pretty much hate the typical wheelchair for Gavin. They just aren't made comfortable enough! I found this push chair at Adaptive Mall, and I love it for him! It is big enough for him (holds a child up to 90 pounds), and it's comfy, with many of the features I was looking for. The only issue I have is that it takes a couple of steps to fold it up, and it takes up a lot of room in the back of the van. Otherwise I would give it an A.

Here are some pictures of it:

And, here's a link to where you can buy it:

Special Tomato® EIO Push Chair |

Next, is Gavin's new chair:

Here are a couple pics of it on it's floor stand:

And, a pic of Gavin happily sitting in it on the couch:

It's more comfy than it looks, and we love it! It is very lightweight, easy to clean, and it can also be strapped to a chair to use at the table!

Here is a link to it as well:

Soft-Touch® Sitter Mobile Tilt Wedge Kit |

Here is a pic of another chair we got for Gavin:

It is the chair we use at the table for him to sit in while we eat together. It isn't as comfy, but it helps to have him sit up fairly straight in a sitting position and gain a little therapy while using it. It is so lightweight and small enough to transport very easily! It can also be used on the floor, and it won't tip over even if the child is wiggly in it. It looks like it would tip over when the child is sitting in it on the floor, but it stays upright!

Here is Gavin sitting in it:

We had to buy a couple of accessories for it to work for Gavin. The 1st accessory is a headrest that fits into the top of the chair. The 2nd accessory is an abductor to put between his legs so he doesn't slide out of it.

We didn't buy it from Adaptive mall, but here is a link to it (and the accessories) on their site. We found it cheaper by googling the name of it, and bought it elsewhere.

Small Wenzelite Seat2Go |

Optional Headrest |

Optional Abductor |

I also found this flimsy table type tray to use with it.

It has loops on it, so that we can connect Gavin's toys to he can grab for them and not lose them by having them fall on the floor. This has made dinner time wonderful! I was always picking his toys up from off the floor when they slid off his old chair and tray! I feel badly that we sit and eat, and Gavin can't eat with us! Knowing that at least he has his linky toys to play with, which gives him something to do while we eat together as a family, makes me happier. He had a very expensive Tiger chair that insurance bought for him a few years ago, but he was never happy sitting in it. He is quite happy sitting in this chair, and it is was a fraction of the cost!

Here he is playing with his toys while using the tray with the chair.

Here is where I bought the tray. It won't link to the company, but you can copy and paste into your browser if you want to check it out.

So, there you go! Just some of the equipment that we use with Gavin on a daily basis. Hope you enjoyed a look into Gavin's special needs world. And, I hope some of you Mommas benefit from learning about a new tool to use with your child!

Also, check out the toy bar that Joel built for Gavin's toys to hang on!

Pretty fancy and useful, huh?! Gavin is very thankful that his daddy is handy with wood and tools! I love it, because Gavin can easily reach his toys, and they are at his eye level.....Plus, I love that it is visually appealing to my eyes as well! We used to have plastic plumbing pipes put together to hold his hanging toys, but that wasn't very now Gavin and Momma are both happy! : )

Raising a child with severe special needs, like Gavin's, can be a guessing game. And, somtimes it takes a whole lot of improvising! But, I sure feel blessed that there are products out there to help equip us in this make life easier and more comfortable for me and my precious boy!

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Lacey said...

Ok first of all, I may need to pay your hubby to make us a toy bar like that! I was just thinking that Jax needs something to hang toys on that he can grab, now that he is grabbing!
Also, did insurance cover all this stuff? I need a tomato chair for Jax, we dont have anything good for in the house to sit in. I love strollers so much more than wheelchairs, but tired of the fight I get at places like Disneyland, that don't see a stroller as a wheelchair!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Thank you for sharing all these great pieces of equipment Alicia. And as always, thank you for sharing your sweet Gavin with us. Such a sweet, sweet guy.

Love and kisses form his California girlfriend.

Debbie said...

Well.... I am so impressed with him sitting so straight, and grabbing for toys! What a rock star! :)

I like the idea of a chair for the kitchen chair...I need something like that....Hudson would definitely need the abductor cuz he's always pushing his hips forward . Another vital piece would be the head. Hudson flops to the right, so I am curious how well that head piece works.

Looks like Gavin is enjoying his new gear...such a cutie!

Much love...Deb

Reagan Leigh said...

We have the special tomato chair (with the mobile base...the one with wheels) and we LOVE it. Reagan has actually outgrown the size 2 and we need to order the size 3 very soon. Insurance/medicaid did NOT pay for it, and it's around $550 through adaptive mall, but it is the best thing we ever bought for her! If you know anyone that needs the size 2, maybe we could cut them a deal. There's no need for us to have both sizes!!!

Annette Gysen said...

Glad to see you back blogging! I've been wondering how Gavin was doing. He's looking so grown-up these days! He's very blessed to have parents that work so hard to meet his needs.

Anonymous said...

wow, he looks great in all his equipment. i have the seat-2-go in my classroom and i love it!! it's awesome several of my students share it. i've had a few parents purchase it b/c of the functionality of it in the classroom. i've heard it even works great when you go out to eat at a resturant!

i'm so glad to hear about gavin and how well he's doing! YEAH!

Colleen said...

I love the stroller look better than a wheelchair. It looks so much less medical:) I really like that brown chair and especially the adorable little man sitting in it!