Thursday, January 18, 2007

We can't keep from smiling! GOD is so good! Gavin continues to move in the right direction. He is off a couple more medications and is beginning to be fed again through a nasal gastric tube. They are taking things slowly to make sure he can handle the changes. He is still on the ventilator, but they hope by end of the weekend to have him off. Everything is a slow progress, but at least a progress!

We are thankful for visits from Aunt Amy and Grandpa O's brother (how thoughtful!). We are eagerly awaiting a visit from the "Big Brothers" this weekend!

Gavin continues to show them who's boss by waking up even after being given "enough sedation medication to put you and I out." He also keeps grabbing for I.V.'s and tubes even though they have his hands tied down! Little stinker! We are so proud!

Thanks so much for all the messages and prayers! We are so touched and emotional reading them all! We are so blessed! We'll continue to update as things progress.

Love to all,

Joel, Alicia and Gavin

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