Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another good day for Gavin! He had a visit from Pastor Freswick and Bev...Thankyou! He "is doing all that he is supposed to." He just had his chest closed up, the next step in his progress...this can lead to problems with his blood pressures and heart arrythmias, but they don't forsee this happening with him.

We want to thank Amy(such a great sister!) for setting up this site and updating everyone thus far!!! THANKYOU!!!

We also thank all of you for SO many prayers and support over the last few months! We appreciate all of you and are humbled and touched! Thanks to GOD most of all from whom all blessings flow! How blessed we are!!! GOD has given us such a gift in Gavin. We feel so blessed to have four wonderful boys and such an amazing support system and most of all HIS love!

Love to all,

Joel and Alicia

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