Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gavin is doing well again today. They went down on his medicine a little today and will go down a little bit more tonight. We'll have to see how he does with this. I told him that he had to give it up sometime, but he's still thinking about it. Hopefully he will tolerate the decrease better when they take it down at a slower pace. He is still being fed through a tube through his nose in which the formula has been going directly to his intestines. Today they pulled the tube back a little making the formula go into his stomach. We hope that he also tolerates this change. He has some reflux, we don't know how bad, and this change could make him more uncomfotable and cause him to vomit. So, today's prayer request is that he does well with these changes!

We've been busy doing some of the things we learned from P.T and O.T. yesterday. Some of it just involves play, so this is fun too! We play patty cake and he seems to really like this! Like I said yesterday, he is supposed to be doing so much more by now than he is, like reaching for objects, etc. He hasn't been doing this, but today when I put his mobile down close to him he was going at the animals with both hands, just after a day of practicing! Also, I swear he is trying to do patty cake by himself! Momma's so proud! Now I'm beginning to think he's a baby genious! Oh Boy, slow me down! Anyway, it's good to see some progress! I'm so thankful to God for these days! It fills my heart up!

Michal is doing well, but having a tough time with withdrawl symptoms too! It's really hard on his mom too! If it weren't for this he'd probably be going home real soon. Continue to pray for them as well. Thanks!

I might be going home for a night or two at the end of the week, depending on how Gavin is doing. Nolan has a little play at school and he and I would both like it if I were there to see it! So, another prayer request, pray that Gavin is doing well enough for me to go home! I keep you guys pretty busy don't I?! I really appreciate your efforts though! We are so blessed with you all!

Gavin says Hi and bye! We'll have to work on waving next I think!

Love, Alicia

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