Friday, March 2, 2007

Gavin is having a great day today so far. He appears to be very comfortable and peaceful. He has been awake quite a bit, looking around and looking like he's trying to talk. Of course, you can't hear anything because the vent tube down his throat prevents noise from coming out. But, I'm sure he's telling us a lot! They have been able to make a few changes on the ventilator for the positive. He also had Physical therapy and Occupational therapy come in to work with him today. There is very little they can do at this time due to the vent being in, but they do some stretching and playing with him. So, we are having some fun!

Thankyou for all your positive and inspirational messages! I especially thought about the one how God makes children just how he planned and that they are perfect in His design! To us it may seem, in many areas, that Gavin has many imperfections; heart defects, lung issues, Down Syndrome...but God made him and all of us, so we know that these imperfections are just how God wanted Gavin and us to be. His Knowledge and plan for Gavin and us can only be perfect! So, the message lightened my heart and made me see clearly just how wonderful and perfect God's gift of Gavin is to us!

Hope you have a great day and weekend!

Love, Alicia

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