Saturday, March 3, 2007

I was very surprised and excited this morning when I called to see how Gavin had done through the night! I was told that he had been sprinted a couple of times on the vent and that he had done well with this. Sprinting is when the vent no longer gives a breath, the patient has to breathe on his own, but oxygen is still running through the tube and pressure is given through the tube so that the lungs stay inflated. This is great news because Gavin has only gotten this far once and at that time he was only able to sprint one time. They usually sprint about three times and make sure the patient is doing well before taking them off the vent. They plan on doing this with Gavin longer because they want to make sure he's ready and they believe he has another infection (this time in one of his I.V. lines). So, maybe Monday if he continues to do well. I'm hopeful, but not to much. Just because he may get off the vent doesn't mean he'd be able to stay off and a trach is still a strong posibility. Keep praying that he can at least give it a try without a trach! Thankyou!

He is doing well otherwise. He is staying very calm and not needing extra sedation meds. He just looks around and is dozing off and on. They had to poke him a few times to draw blood and he didn't even seem to notice. It was kind of sad to see, because it probably means that he is so used to being hurt that it doesn't even phase him! Poor little guy!!! He's definately a trooper! The nurse said he must have a good disposition. He definately has been our most laid back baby so far, thankfully with all he's been through!

The weather here is windy and cold with flurries, but nothing like Grand Rapids has been hit with, so I've been told. So, once again, I have a reason to be thankful to be here I guess. I hope all of you are enjoying time inside or out! Joel and the boys had a work of digging out our driveway, but then they were having a snowball fight, so they are loving it I'm sure! Have a great weekend! Keep those prayers going! We are thankful!

Love, Alicia

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