Monday, April 2, 2007

Gavin is doing well today! He's still just hanging out. They said they were working on us heading home on Wednesday. Dr. Bove needs to talk with Gavin's cardiologist in G.R. to make sure he's willing to take him back on as a patient while Gavin still needs to be hospitalized. They also need to make sure that there is a bed open for Gavin at Spectrum. Gavin has his swallow study tomorrow morning and if there are any issues that need corrected they can be taken care of at Spectrum. So, it looks like we are headed home soon! Please pray that the move is a positive one and that the hospital there makes wise decisions on Gavin's behalf. We hope that they can understand that some of the issues he still has are ones that he will continue to have until his valve can be replaced and that it doesn't prevent him from going HOME soon! We continue to trust in God's plan and put Gavin's life (and ours) in His hands!

The hospital is having an opening day party for the Tigers. They have a few T.V.'s set up, hot dogs, popcorn and activities for the kids! It is so nice all that they do here for the patients and their families! We will miss this place, believe it or not! But, we are definately looking forward to moving on!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Alicia

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