Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gavin had his swallow study this morning. He did fine at first with bottle feeding with liquids, but then started to aspirate into his lungs. This isn't good. Then they tried thickened liquids in the bottle. He didn't aspirate this, but had a hard time sucking the thick liquid. This isn't good either because with having heart issues it is too much work already just with sucking in general. So, additional work is too much for Gavin. This means that Gavin cannot have a bottle! Poor guy, he loves it so much! The good news is that they tried feeding him baby food (peaches) from a spoon and he didn't aspirate this and he loved it! This is easier for his heart to handle, because it doesn't take much of an effort. So...he will continue to be fed his formula through the NG tube for most of his nourishment and eat baby food by mouth. He just knows what's good and what's not! That formula tastes nasty and peaches taste good! I told you he was a smart one!

They are still trying to get us to Spectrum tomorrow, but nothing is finalized yet. Hopefully it will work out some time this week!

Gavin's still a little fussy today. Jacob asked, "Why?". I said, "Well, he's in the hospital, they are taking away his meds that make him feel good, he has a tube down his nose, oxygen up his nose, he's hungry, etc." So, pick one or all of the above! Some day life will get easier for the little Vinster!

The boys seem to be enjoying themselves here. Between the activities that they put on, the computers, the toys and swimming at a hotel's pool that is owned by the hotel we are staying at, they are keeping busy! So, I guess it's not such a bad Spring Break after all!

Hope you are having a great day! God is Good!

Love, Alicia

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