Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It's me again! We just learned that we won't be headed to G.R. this week. Gavin's cardiologist is away for the week and isn't there to take him back on. So, we're stuck here for a few more days! I'm fine with this, although it made it harder to say goodbye to the boys and Joel. They left about a half hour ago. The nurse felt bad for me, but I said "what's a few more days when you've been here for three months?!" I'm learning patience I think! I just read about this in my inspirational book, from Galations 5:22. It talks about how God demands patience from us, but that he also offers it to us. We just need to pray for it and trust his plan!

Nolan wants everyone to know that he lost a tooth today! He's been working on losing this one for awhile and very happy to have finally lost it! Caleb is jealous though. He says this means that Nolan is growing and he wants lose one too! Oh, to have the problems of a four year old again!

Thanks for your prayers! Please pray that the guys make it home safely and that Gavin handles his med changes well and keeps progressing!

Love, Alicia

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