Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Gavin tried bananas today! He liked them, but I think he prefered the peaches. Although, it might be because he was tired, he fell asleep right after eating them. He is doing well except for being a little fussy, most likely from withdrawl. Speaking of fussy, he had a terrific evening and night yesterday! He slept soundly and when awake, was in such a peaceful mood! This happens throughout everyday, but yesterday it lasted for about 8-9 hours. It's so good to see him this way! Of course, then I started worrying that there was something wrong with him! I worry when he's fussy and then I worry when he's happy! Never happy, Huh?!

Here's an update on one of the nurses. She has been so nice the last couple of days! I figured that I should praise her for her good days too! Maybe she was having a hard time last week?

We are awaiting a phone call from our cardiologist's office today. We are trying to switch cardiologists. He seemed to miss a lot with Gavin and didn't think he was as sick as he is. We had contact with a couple others in the office and felt they were very on the ball. We hope that one of them will take Gavin on as their patient. Gavin's a tough one, so hopefully they are up for a challenge!

Hope you are all doing well! We appreciate all that you've done for our family and especially your prayers!

Love, Alicia

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