Thursday, April 5, 2007

Guess what the nurse practioner said to Gavin this morning? She told him that he was her healthiest patient right now! Now, keep in mind that she doesn't cover all the patients, but it sure was nice to hear this! We've been told the very opposite before about him! Gavin does look great today! He's very calm and happy! No new changes except going down on his meds again. Hopefully he doesn't protest!

Gavin tried pears today. I think these are his favorite so far. He gave me the BIGGEST smile after a couple of bites! This is something, because he is VERY stingy with his smiles! I was just telling him that he owed me one, because it had been a couple of days since the last one I saw! I suppose I wouldn't have too many smiles with all he has to go through either! It sure is nice to see them though!

Hope you are all doing well! Thanks for your continued support! God has blessed us with you and so much!

Love, Alicia

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