Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gavin is OFF THE VENT!!! They took it out around 10:30 this morning. He is doing great so far! I even got a couple of small smiles out of him! I'm so happy! He seems more aware the last couple of days too! He still exhibits some posturing and rigidity in his legs, which shows something isn't quite right neurologically, but he is definately improving! Keep up those prayers!!! We are so thankful for them and all the progress that he is making!

Happy May! You might remember that I said that Gavin would be having surgery 4 months in a row. I had also said that April was out of the question because I planned on being busy. Well, we've definately been busy, but God was gracious in sparing Gavin from surgery for April! I guess I got ahead of myself and His plan! So, it looks like maybe May for Gavin's G-tube placement surgery. He'll have to be more stable first. Though it looks like Gavin has pulled through again with God's healing mercies!

Have a great day (a wet one!) Thanks for your continued support!

Love, Alicia


Amy Doty said...

Woo hooooo! So excited that Gavin is finally off that mean vent!

You can't stop this kid, NO SIR!! :o)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! Love your new website - so happy to hear that Gavin is finally off the vent - praying that God will continue to heal the little Vinster!!!

Love, Uncle Frank and Aunt Marilyn

Anonymous said...

glad to see your new website up and running and great to hear that Gavin is off the vent! Thanks for including us.
Michelle, Mike and Hannah Terrell

Melissa said...

I'm glad you are on blogger - now you can really have some fun posting pics and video of Gavin. Its real easy. I am SO estatic that Gavin is off the vent! Its wonderful to see answered prayers! (((Hugs))) to your family. I know its tough on all of you, but you are doing a good job. Hang in there and let the rest of us prayer warriors continue to uplift you all! Wish I could be there to give you a big hug and more encouragement.

Love, Melissa Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Gavin is doing better. Love the new website--you are all in our prayers.

Love ya lots--
Ryan and April

Michelle said...

Just came across your blog today, and hope you don't mind me leaving a comment! Gavin is such an adorable little boy! Glad to hear he is off the vent, and I will keep him in my prayers. I also have a daughter with Down syndrome.

Something I just noticed is Gavin's birthday - my sister was also born on Sept 16 (1989) and her middle name is Gavin! I believe that is her father's mother's maiden name.

Amy Doty said...


I'm Alicia's sister - and proud aunt of Gavin! I wanted to thank you for the comment, and also to tell you that you have an AWESOME site, and that Kayla is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Big Blueberry Eyes, indeed! I'll definitely be back to read more...I'd like to think you and Alicia could be somewhat of a support system for one another, too! :o)

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Missy RN said...

I really like the new page!! So glad that the Vinster is off the vent!!

Anonymous said...

Your new page look great. But far better it sounds like Gavin is once again pulling through. Hope to see you soon.

Pastor Freswick

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. So glad to hear that Gavin is off the vent. You and your family are continually in our prayers. I like the site too. Hope I can figure this out. Patt Ybema

Carol B. said...

Alicia - am trying the new site again this AM to see if I can get it to work. Glad Gavin is off the vent - will keep praying for you all! Carol B

Aunt Lori said...

Yee - Haa!!! So glad the little Vinster is off the vent! He's got a lot of determination. You go Big Guy!!! I wondered what happened to my post railing against the insecure medical proffession! Big Brother is alive and well :-)

Jen said...

Alicia and Joel,

I am so happy that Gavin is doing better. Praise the Lord!!! I will continue keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. He sure is a little fighter.


Jennifer S.

Anonymous said...

Great website....
VERY happy he is off the vent again.
I still can't believe, Gavin (and your family) has to go through so much, but we will continue to pray.


Michal says Hi...he is now off the Methadon and Ativan and happy to play balls and cars.
He still remembers his times in the hospital and gets really scared sometimes with people. I really want to pray God's peace over little Gavin's mind and heart during these months.