Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who says.....

.....that you can't go for a walk in the rain?

Even when your youngest boy isn't so sure about this, since he hates water!

But, you give it a try anyway and he ends up having fun, despite the water!

And, so do your other boys!

Because it's a lot more fun being outside in the rainy drizzle,

than it is being stuck inside because of the rain!

And, you find that you hardly even get wet,

when you are covered by lots of beautiful trees!

I love spending times, like these, with my boys!

"...and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced it's fruit." 1 Peter 5:18


April said...

What a beautiful walk- with beautiful boys!

Amy said...

I love it! :o) Seeing these makes me miss you and the boys more than I already did, though...we need to try and get together before this baby gets here!! 18 days and counting!

Sandi said...

Love the pictures. Who says rain is a drag!

Hope said...

What a beautiful way to spend time with your boys!

Becky said...

LOVE your pictures. :) Looks like quite the adventure.