Friday, August 31, 2007

Busy!!! That's what we've been! I usually say it's better to be busy, than bored. These past two weeks, I think I would have taken bored for the most part over busy! I have either been at a doctor's office, on the phone with one or at the pharmacy almost every single day! Well, maybe I'm exaggerating since we were away on a short vacation this past weekend! Although, it felt like we were at the doctor's or hospital since Jacob came down with pneumonia! So, a lot of my day and night was spent giving meds, inhalers, breathing treatments, O2, and checking oxygen levels! Between Jacob and Gavin, I am definately keeping up my nursing skills! The down side is that I'm not getting paid for it! Oh well! Jacob is on his way to recovery, just in time for school! Poor Guy! His last weeks of "freedom", as his calls it, he's been sick! I told him it's better now than while in school with tons of make up work. He's had pneumonia the last 3 years around this time of year! As Fall approaches his allergies start acting up and he gets sick! He has cold induced asthma, so it always goes straight to his lungs! Since it happens around this time of year, I'm beginning to think that he brings himself to this state, thinking about school starting!! He dreads it every year! He LOVES going to school, but he HATES schoolwork!

Gavin is still having seizures!!! He had another EEG yesterday. He's also on increased meds again! He is so drugged up by the seizure meds and isn't advancing developmentally partially due to this. It is really wearing on me to see him so lethargic! Something needs to change! I get so depressed thinking that he may stay this way forever! I know! One day at a time! I've been praying a lot for peace with his situation and strength to get through each day! I'd appreciate your prayers as well for this! I'm also concerned about school starting again. Sounds crazy since it will definately be quieter without Nolan and Caleb arguing with each other, but it also brings about a lot more to juggle! Homework, schedules, soccer, Sunday school, cadets! UGH! It makes me start to hyperventilate just thinking of it! Some days I feel like our day is already too packed with appointments, childcare, meds, treatments! So, pray for this for me too please! I know that God will give me the strength to get through each day, but it would be nice to not just get through the day sometimes! I want to look forward to each day and enjoy time with family! Not to just get through the day! Some days are great, but a few more like this would be wonderful! Getting away this past weekend helped me to have a few great days and I'm thankful for this!

Thanks for your continued prayers and kindness! Enjoy the rest of the summer! One thing I am really looking forward to is Fall!!! I LOVE this time of year!!! It is so nice to live here in Michigan! A new season to look forward to! Although, I think that the winter season could shorten up a bit!! May you look forward to God's wonderful creation of Autumn as much as I do! I can already smell it! Yay! :)

Love, Alicia and Family

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've been quite anxious lately. Gavin is still having seizures. They increased his anti-seizure meds again this week. Hopefully this will work. They also told us that his EEG showed that he is having seizures often. This means that we don't even see most of the seizures he is having. If he is in a contant state of seizures, it's no wonder he isn't progressing developmentally! Please pray that the meds work or they find out what will. I read something today that could be helpful. I plan on sharing it with the neurologist.

I've also been anxious because Caleb and I have had a head and chest cold. No big deal for us, but if Gavin gets it.....! Please pray that he stays healthy! When we left the hospital last month a couple of staff said that they would "see us next month!" They were just joking with us, but this has been Gavin's track record! So, it's been over a month and I feel like I'm sitting on a time bomb, waiting for Gavin to explode with some illness and send us back to the hospital! This is no way to live! I hate feeling anxious! Thankfully I read something else today that has helped to change my outlook. It said: "Start living life for the moment, not worrying about what tomorrow holds." I knew this of course, but it was a great reminder for me! I actually felt like I could breathe a little deeper after the reminder! I find myself looking too far ahead some days. When I do this I usually come up with a much dimmer future than what God has in store for me. So, again I'm reminded to take one day at a time and to try to see the positives in that day. When I do this I always find many more things to smile about than to worry about! Like, for example, Caleb's deep and infectious laugh, or Gavin's cute and chubby thighs, or Nolan's willingness to play with and teach Caleb(even though Caleb is so bossy!), and finally, Jacob's sweet smile and "Love You!" that he tells me several times a day! So, today I'm thankful for another reminder and a chance to enjoy TODAY, instead of worrying about tomorrow!

Thanks for your continued prayers! We are thankful for you too!

Love, Alicia and Family

Friday, August 3, 2007

I just wanted to extend an invite to whoever wants to come to Gavin's baptism. He will be baptized during the evening service (5:00 P.M.), Sunday, August 5 at Bethany United Reformed Church. I forgot to put this in the last update.

Gavin is doing well. He's still having seizures, but now on a new medicine which should help to control them.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Love, Alicia and Family