Monday, August 22, 2011


That is the number of pictures we took while we were away on Gavin's Make-A-Wish trip!

I'm a little overwhelmed by so many pictures.....that's why it's taking me so long to update everyone on our vacation.

But, here's a sneak peak of our AWESOME, HUMBLING, AMAZING, FUN, INSPIRING, WONDERFUL and BLESSED trip!

Here we are at the airport, just after landing in Florida:

Gavin really seemed to enjoy himself on our trip! Here are some pictures of him enjoying a few of his favorite things on the trip:

I was very worried about how he'd react to flying since Gavin is easily overstimulated by uncertain noises and situations.....but as you can see from this picture, one of Gavin's favorite parts of our trip was the airplane ride! He LOVED it!

Another highlight was each evening when we returned to our villa, after our fun-filled days at the parks. Gavin loved to lay on our bed and play with Mickey Mouse! As soon as we laid him on the bed, he would go crazy! He would smile, laugh, squeal, "talk" and have so much fun!

Another thing he really enjoyed was the safari ride that we went on at Animal Kingdom. It was a bumpy ride, and Gavin thought it was the best!

It was VERY hot while we were in Florida! But, we managed to stay somewhat cool by making frequent stops into the air-conditioned shops throughout the parks. We also kept Gavin cool by using his stroller fan and spraying him down with water frequently. Also, all of us filled up on extra fluids throughout the day. But, it was SERIOUSLY HOT!!!

Gavin as a very cute and happy Mickey!

We enjoyed our time away tremendously! We had to keep pinching ourselves because we couldn't believe how blessed we were by this opportunity! We were, and are, so blessed!

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35

Monday, August 1, 2011

We're leaving on a jet plane!

I have been a blog slacker this summer! I guess I've just been concentrating on family and my I guess that's a great thing to spend time on if I'm not blogging! Right?!

But, since I haven't been blogging, I also haven't been keeping a chronicle of our life, or keeping friends and family up to date with what's been going on with us. There has been lots to share, but sharing time with each other has been my focus this summer.

So.....many of you probably don't know that, Lord willing, we are about to leave to go on Gavin's Make-A-Wish trip! And, we are so excited!

Here is Gavin researching all there is to do at Disney:

I think he's a little overwhelmed about all of our options! I know that I am! I'm also a little overwhelmed about packing all of Gavin's supplies up, and also about taking him on an airplane! Yikes! Pray that he tolerates all the excitement!

We are so thankful for this opportunity and we can't wait to make some wonderful memories together!

We'll fill you in on our trip when we get home! May all of you be blessed with as wonderful of a week as we plan on having! Wish we could take all of you with us! Love and Hugs until we meet again! :)

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." Revelation 22:21