Friday, January 26, 2007

I have really been bothered by something since being here, they wouldn't let me cut Gavin's fingernails! I'm a little anal about this.(Just ask Jacob, Nolan and Caleb!) Anyway, I said something about this the other night to one of the nurses and she said I know we can't do it, but I'm pretty sure that we can't stop you, so Yeah!, I cut his nails and gave him a baby massage today! He really seemed to enjoy it, the massage part anyway! I feel much better too! I'm thankful for the small stuff I can do for him.

He just went in for a heart catheterization to measure the pressures in his heart and try to find out if this has to do with why they can't get him off the ventilator. They are also going to put in that new veinous line I was telling you about. Pray that everything goes well with this, there are risks, but usually minor.

I'm looking forward to a visit from Joel, the boys, my mom and Jill and Mike this weekend! It gets really lonely here, so I'm thankful for the fellowship they will bring!

Gavin is doing well today and sends his love!

Thankyou for your continued prayers and support! We are so blessed!

Love, Alicia and Gavin

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