Saturday, February 3, 2007

Another positive to being stuck here in Ann Arbor: No Snow! For those of you in Grand Rapids today, you'll understand! Hope you are all enjoying the beauty of it and are able to have a relaxing day while stuck inside!

Our family is enjoying our time together this weekend! The boys and I went to the mall to walk around while Joel and Grandma and Grandpa visited with Gavin.

Gavin is having another good day. He is going down on the ventilator and is looking comfortable and happy. We don't have a definate answer from Dr. Bove about surgery, but the cardiologist says not to count on it. They feel Gavin and his valve need to grow further before being able to correct it more. So, the next step would be to try to get him off the vent and see how he does or if he can't breathe well enough on his own then put in a tracheotomy and go home on a vent to grow! We are anxious waiting for the next step, but will rely on God and know He will help us through!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the messages! Thanks especially for your prayers, love and support!

Love, Alicia

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