Friday, February 16, 2007

Gavin went back for surgery at 7:30 this morning and he's already done! I just spoke with Dr. Bove and he is very pleased with how things went! During the original surgery he wasn't able to close a cleft in Gavin's heart because the left ventrical was too small and couldn't handle doing all the 'work' of pumping the blood. This time around the ventrical had grown and Dr. Bove was able to do what he had wanted to do during the first surgery. He said Gavin was looking very stable and that the echo showed a minimal leak - this is great news! The one thing he is concerned about is the healing process this time. The tissues in Gavin's heart are going to have a harder time healing due to previous surgery just 4 weeks ago, having additional swelling in them and all that his body has endured since then. If anything were to happen to the tissues (the sutures ripping out), it would most likely happen in the first few days to a week. So, they will be watching for this. All-in-all it is encouraging news and we are thankful!

I was praying for a miracle today and so far the prayer has been answered. Coincidently(or not?!), I was reading my daily inspirational thought book this morning and it talked about miracles. It talked about how normal miracles are each and every day. We are surrounded by them! We just forget how miraculous they are; the ocean, the sunset, birth, life and even death. What a wonderful creation God has given us! It reminded me of something Jacob said as a 3 year old and now I will share it with you. We were playing at the playground one evening and the sun began to set, the sky was gorgeous! The colors were pink and purple, beautiful! All of a sudden, Jacob looked up at the sky and started clapping his hands and cheering for God! He yelled out, "Yea God!" What an inspirational sight, the huge faith and excitement of a child knowing it was God Who did this miracle and Who shared it with us! Jacob said "God is painting a picture in the sky." How right he was! God shows us His miracles every day and we don't even have to pray for them! I have had the opportunity to sit back and relax these past few months and am thankful to have the time to actually see the little miracles God gives us each day! I hope that all of you find time today in the business of our world to stop and see the miracles God has given you today. See them with the eyes of a 3 year old!

Well, they said that I should be able to go back to see Gavin around noon, so I'll 'talk' with you later. Thankyou so much for your increased prayers today and always! We appreciate you all!

Love, Alicia

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