Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gavin did well with the changes that they made yesterday! They are taking him down on his meds again today. Hopefully he will continue to tolerate them taking away the drugs that he has become quite fond of! He just had O.T. and practiced head, neck and arm control. He became worn out and is taking a nap now. We've been practicing the skills they taught us, but he's a little more sleepy today so he's not participating as much as he did yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, I think that I got you and I a little too excited with my positive update. He is definately making progress, but "genious baby" might have been laying it on a little thick! You know how us moms can be! We think our children are the greatest! Anyway, he's not going to come home walking or anything! He has a long way to go, but at least he's moving forward. I'm so thankful to God for this progress and for peaceful days where Gavin does well and is comfortable!

We got his heart echo results back. It said that Gavin's heart function is good and that the mitral valve still has a moderate to severe leak. This is good though, because it means it hasn't gotten worse at least.

Michal gave his parents a scare last night. He is hard to sedate and calm down like Gavin, so yesterday he had been given extra medicine and it all seemed to hit him at once. He became too sleepy and wasn't breathing enough on his own! This cost him a trip back to I.C.U.! They were thinking that they might have to put the ventilator back in, but thankfully the CPAP machine was all that he needed. He's doing well now and earned his way back to the floor. So, continue to pray for him.

Thankyou for your prayers! Have a great day! It looks like Spring is coming! Yea!!!

Love, Alicia

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