Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gavin is moving closer to home today! He is going to be transfered to "the floor." This means that he is doing well. They said yesterday that he is stable cardiac wise and only has feeding issues to work on. We are happy about this, but now it will be harder to be away from him. I'm a little concerned about this because I already feel like a tornado running from one responsibility to another, but we'll manage somehow. God will continue to give me the strength as He has so far!

Gavin's upper GI test showed that he does have reflux, so they are moving his NG tube past the stomach today to help prevent reflux. This should make him more comfortable and assure that all his nourishment and medicines stay down. Considering all that he's been through, withdrawl, continuous vital checks, and reflux he's a very good baby! He rarely cries anymore and is very easy going! What a trooper!

They are still deciding what to do long term with the feeding tube and reflux issues. He may need another surgery. So, he'll most likely be in the hospital a couple more weeks! We've stopped asking how much longer it will be. It's just a way of life now.

Thanks for your continued prayers! We appreciate all that you've done for us!

Love, Alicia

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