Friday, May 18, 2007

Gavin had his first nurse visit today. She will be coming once a week, mainly to weigh him. His weight needs to be closely monitored for growth, but more importantly, that he doesn't gain too much. If he gains too much in a week's time it could mean that he is holding too much fluid in his lungs. He weighed just over 16 1/2 pounds today. According to the growth chart he's doing very well especially with having heart problems and everything he's gone through. We've heard this from several doctors. A couple have said he's great at growing and pooping. So, I guess these are his strengths! Sorry if that's too much info, but we are happy he's good at something, since his little body has such a hard time working the way it should!

We learned today that his surgery will be May 29th and that the doctor agreed to see him the same day as the surgery! Yay! Only one trip! An answer to prayer! They warned us that if the pre-surgery physical shows any problems then he might not be able to have the surgery done that day. We'll accept that risk. They also said that the usual hospital stay after this surgery is a couple of days. Of course, we know Gavin's track record, don't we?! I REALLY hope that it is that quick because I would LOVE to be home for the boy's last day of school which is June 1st. I'm not counting on it, but it's always fun to pick them up on their last day and get pictures and see the excitement of all the students. Although, Nolan is already dreading that day because he LOVES school! I ask him why and he says "I LOVE to learn!" Jacob has informed him that this won't last because it gets harder, but Nolan claims this will never happen with him. We'll see.

Gavin is doing well, but seems to be sleepier than normal. Maybe it's all the activity that goes on around our house! Caleb like to keep him busy teaching him fun things. Right now he's teaching him how to tell time with a toy clock that he has. This is quite humorous considering Caleb doesn't know how to tell time yet, but cute all the same!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Keep those prayers flowing! Thanks!

Love, Alicia and Family

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