Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There's been a change of plan. Gavin will still be getting his pacemaker moved at the U of M on May 29, but not the g-tube placement. I have been on the phone what seems like most of the last two days trying to get these surgeries in order. I'm ready to scream! I am quite frustrated! It all started when I received the info in the mail from the pediatic surgeon this week. It showed that they didn't have Gavin scheduled for everything that needed to be done. He is in need of a G-tube, but also a stomach wrap to prevent him from refluxing. This is the part that they didn't have scheduled. If they were to do this as well, we would have to reschedule the pacemaker movement surgery and make 3 different trips to Ann Arbor to have everythig done that is needed to be done. So, I've been calling around trying to figure out what can be done locally. We've decided to go ahead with the pacemaker surgery and then have the stomach surgery done here in G.R. What a pain! Plus, now Gavin will need two surgeries! I feel it is the best choice though because the surgeons in G.R. do the G-tube placement with a small tube that looks like a beach ball stem that you blow into. In Ann Arbor they put in a tube that hangs out the abdomen 6-8 inches. I feel there will be less of a chance that the tube will be pulled out if it doesn't hang out so far. Also, it will be easier on our family life if we don't have to make so many long distance trips. So many decisions! I have faith that the best one will be made, knowing that God is guiding us in these decisions being made. There's always a reason for everything and we just have to have patience and faith! Pray for these for our family!

Gavin is doing well despite all this craziness. He just sits back taking it all in! He still isn't smiling much since before he was last intubated with the ventilator. This really saddens me. He probably doesn't have much to smile about in his poor little life. I've been giving him a talking to again. I told him Momma really needs to see some smiles and that he owes me at least a couple a day! We'll see. I'd appreciate some prayers on this matter too. I would love to know that he is happy sometimes. He does look content most of the time and gives us looks that he is happy, but a little more reassurance would be great!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! We REALLY appreciate them! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember all the men and women who have fought for our freedoms in this country! May God bless them and their families, as well, as all of you!

Love, Alicia and Family

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Anonymous said...


There is nothing more reassuring than a smile from the little guy, eh? We will pray that he gets all this stuff worked out.

Ug! Multiple trips to Ann Arbor I do not envy you. It would seem that much of that is possible here in GR.
We'll "offer it up" so that the Lord makes it possible.

Hang in there!


Helen Lehman