Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gavin is home again! We got home this afternoon. He is doing well and for this we are thankful! He was sent home on less dieuretics than he had been on. The cardiologists said he may be outgrowing the need for them. They will take it slow, but plan on getting him off them if Gavin tolerates this. So, we are making progress! Yay! Blood work showed that he was low on some of his electrolytes, so the visit was worthwhile. He is now on a medication to replace these and will have to have frequent blood draws to make sure the levels are in the normal range.

Health professionals continue to be impressed with how well Gavin is doing despite this hospitalization. Actually, the hospitalization is probably due to him doing better because he became dehydrated with the amount of dieuretics he had previously needed. They say Gavin just needs lots of fine tuning. What works today with him may not be the case tomorrow.

I ran into many doctors and nurses that have treated Gavin before while at the hospital. I ran into them in the elevator or the halls. They all recognized me and were shocked to see us back again. As the boys would say: "Gavin is famous!" He definately has made himself well known! One doctor remembered him from back in December when he was first hospitalized before going to U of M. She said "some things and people you just never forget." She even remembered the room number he was in! She was very happy with how well Gavin looks, considering how poor he was doing back then. So, though slow, we are definately making progress! I will have to remember this on the days that I'm having a hard time seeing progress being made. Help me with this, O.K.?

Thanks for your messages and prayers! God is so good to us!

Love, Alicia and Family


Annette Gysen said...

Yay! Progress--I love it! And I love it that Gavin was hospitalized for, in a sense, doing better--only Gavin :)!

Another amazing answer to prayer!

Anonymous said...

Great news that Gavin is back home. We pray for continued healing and strength. Keeping you all in our prayers. Love The Hilton's