Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It has been kind of a sad week for me. Gavin started having seizures again last week. The neurologist had taken him down on the amount of anti-seizure medicine he was taking, so hopefully this is what is causing them. He was hoping to get Gavin off the med, but it looks like he still needs it. Gavin's EEG is Friday, so hopefully it will tell us more. It is so hard to watch him have the seizures! It looks like he is startled and flails his arms out. He also cries a little with them. I don't know if it hurts or if there is another reason why he cries. He usually has them after waking from sleep. Please pray that these can stop! If he does continue to need to be on the anti-seizure meds he will need to be changed to a different kind. His doctor says that what he's on now isn't good for long term.

On a lighter note, Gavin started 'school' last week. A PT comes to our house for about an hour to work with him. She also gives us ideas to help Gavin to progress developmentally. A lot of the stuff I've already been doing with him, but she did have a few great ideas and insight for us!

Gavin has a big weekend coming up! He is going to be baptized on Sunday! He is finally doing well enough and out of the hospital! We are happy about this! We'll have to see how well he tolerates it. He HATES his bath and getting his head wet!

I've posted a few more pictures on the carepage site. The boys have begun running when they see me with the camera! At least Gavin can't get away yet! Although, I would love it if he could! It's funny how things are. Jacob was reminding me about my response to Caleb's first steps. I guess I said, "Oh No! I don't want him to grow up this fast!" Now I would give anything to have Gavin crawling or walking! Be careful what you ask for! I used to say, "I wish they would stay like this forever!" Now I'm wanting Gavin to move along! Oh well!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Love, Alicia and Family


Annette Gysen said...

Poor little Gavin--it seems like every time he takes a couple steps ahead, he takes a small step back. I'm sorry about the seizures.

I bet he's enjoying the workouts, though! And I'm so excited about his baptism Sunday. It will be great to see the VanderWall family altogether! I'll make sure I bring lots of tissues--I will need them!

Kimberly Hass said...


Sorry to hear about Gavin's seizures. Praying that his appointment goes well on Friday and that the doctor's will be able to adjust his meds so they won't continue.

LOVE the pictures you posted (especially the pirate ones!) Can't believe how big your boys are getting. What have you been feeding them over the summer???

Love you lots and hope to see you soon.

Amy said...

Alicia, you have GOT to stop making me cry at work!!!! ;o) This slideshow also had me grinning with absolutely pride...what a gorgeous family and faith you have.

Praying that Gavin stops having the seizures, or at the very least that the doctors are able to fix the medication in order to control them. Good luck at the appointment and let us know how it goes!

Much love,

Aunt Amy

Inspired said...

What beautiful pictures of the boys. They are truly such a blessing (and SO big - good grief). It breaks my heart to hear that Gavin is having seizures. We'll be praying for better news after the Dr appt Friday. Hang in there. My heart is overwhelmed by your families capacity for patience,love, & faith.
Love & admire you so much,

Anonymous said...

I decided to post here too.... ;)
My heart aches for Gavin and for you guys too, that you have to see him suffer!!! I pray that God will continue to give you Grace and patience....and that he will continue to embrace you as a family!!
I'm so excited that Gavin is going to be baptized on Sunday!! Make sure someone takes LOTS of pics of all of you together!! It will be a very special day for all of you...
Hang in there.....
I love you!