Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gavin's had a busy week! He's seen 3 doctors and had his blood drawn. I had him wear his shirt that says "1,2,3 strikes you're out!" We wanted to make sure they knew that was as many shots they had to try to get some blood out of him! Unfortunately it took that many tries. Our regular guy, Dave, wasn't there. He usually gets it on the first try. Next time I might call ahead to make sure he's working. I hate watching Gavin go through it every time, but he's a trooper.

At the neurologist office they decided to put him on another anti-seizure med. This means that he's now on a total of 3! The hope is that this new one will stop them and then they can get him off the phenobarb, which slows Gavin down. The doctor also ordered another EEG and a CT scan of his brain. He wants to make sure that the "injury" to his brain didn't cause a stroke as well.

Next we went to the cardiologist who said that Gavin was doing quite well. He was pleased with the sound of Gavin's heart and what the echo showed! I was so worried he was going to tell us that Gavin needed to be back on oxygen, but he thinks he's doing suprisingly well! A great answer to prayer!!!

Lastly, we went to our family doctor. He found that Gavin has an ear infection. So, now he's on an antibiotic for that. (Gavin is keeping the pharmacy down the road in business!) Gavin has also had a cough. I was really worried about this. Jacob was too. He asked if it would send Gavin to the hospital. I was thinking the same thought, but hopefully not! It may just be from the ear infection. Let's hope and pray! So, mostly good news on Gavin, I think.

Caleb has been quite the talker lately! He always has something to say and if I do say so myself, he has some great thoughts on things! I'll share a couple with you now. He asked me the other day "Why do cars go faster than the speed limit?" I told him because people want to go faster and he said "People get hurt and arrested when they do, so why don't they make cars only be able to go as fast as the speed limit?" I thought about it for a minute and agreed with him! No one NEEDS to go faster than 80 miles an hour! Why don't they just build cars with that ability?!
My vote in 2008 is for Caleb for President!!! We probably could use a kid in office! There might be a lot more honesty! You know how honest 4 year olds can be! Plus they are so much more innocent. Anyway...Another question came after a bloody fight with brother Nolan. It wasn't pretty! I was upset and told them that it made me very sad to see them fight. He thought about it and then later asked me "Did Cain love God?" I guess he was feeling guilty about his actions towards Nolan and wanted to make sure that even though he didn't like his brother at the time, that he still loved God. I told him that you could still love God when you are angry with someone else, but that it made God feel sad when we aren't nice to each other, so we needed to try hard to be nice. He was content with that answer.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes sent Gavin's way! He tried frosting from his cake and actually liked it a little! Figures! He cries and cries when we feed him anything healthy,by mouth, but he'll accept the sweet stuff!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Love, Alicia and Family

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