Monday, October 29, 2007

Gavin had a great day yesterday! He was finally able to go through the day without oxygen on. His O2 Sats stayed high enough to keep him off all day, but we put it back on through the night. We don't want to rush him. I'm thinking that after he had pneumonia we took him off the O2 too fast. His Sats were good, but maybe he just needed more time, which could have been the reason he became sick easier this time around. I don't know about this for sure, but it's worth a try! He was also more like himself yesterday. He was awake a lot more and seemed happy and more alert. Jacob kept saying how happy Gavin looked. So, it was a great day!

I also watched a show about a guy with Down syndrome. It was very heart warming! One of the things it said was that those like Gavin weren't put on earth to learn. They were put on earth to teach! How true this is! This made me cry and feel a whole lot better about the news we received recently! Gavin may never talk or walk, but I bet he will teach us more than any of our other children do! I know that he's taught us more in his short life than I ever could have hoped to know! He has a purpose! This I know for sure! I also came to a realization that maybe our family are the lucky ones! We will have it harder with all the care that we will have to give to Gavin and we may not be like the 'norm', but who says that we aren't actually more blessed by this situation? Somedays I feel overwhelmed and start taking pity on myself. I also see pity on other's faces towards us. I told my friend that I don't want pity! This weekend I started thinking that someday we may actually have pity on those who didn't get the chance to have someone like Gavin in their lives! We may say, "We're so sorry you don't have this light in your lives! We feel so sorry for you." Just because we aren't like most families doesn't mean we are the ones who weren't blessed with a easy and 'good' life! I'm starting to see a different side of this! Now I feel like we have been more blessed by Gavin and this opportunity to learn and really feel God's love a blessings than many others! Anyway, Not to brag or anything! :) I just wanted to share my turn around with you.

Also, I hate to even mention this because it seems many times I do mention something good it only gets worse, but Gavin hasn't had a seizure that we can see for a couple of days! This may not seem like a big deal, but he had been havin 2-3 a day that we could see visually! I am so uplifted by this! Thankyou Lord!!! Hopefully we are on our way to seizure free days! Please continue to pray for this!

One more thing I'd like to mention is something Caleb said to me recently. I'm a little concerned about this one! He told me that "God is going to put two babies inside you mom! A boy and a girl. We are going to name them Jr. and Sally." Now, I know that children say this stuff, but the reason I'm worried is because the day after I found out I was pregnant with Gavin, Caleb said to me, "Mom there is a baby in your belly right now." I hadn't even told Joel yet because I was going to surprise him, so there is no way he heard this somewhere! So how did he know this?! Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you and ask that you pray this does not come true!!! I really would love to have more children, believe it or not! But, I really don't want to be pregnant again and especially not with twins!!!

Have a great day! Thanks for your continued prayers and support! We really appreciated all of your comments, cards and thoughtfulness after my last update! They really helped us get through some tough days! God has blessed us with you!

Love, Alicia and Family


Anonymous said...

You and your family have a strength that the rest of us can only wish for. I am in awe, and I wish you all the best - especially little Gavin!
Michelle Hoffner
(Pam Souter's sister)

Kimberly Hass said...

What wonderful news that Gavin had such a great day yesterday! Continued prayers for him that more good days follow and no more seizures!
What an uplifting message you gave us -- that we need to look for the 'silver lining' in all things and that we are all truly blessed. You are an inspiration to us all!
Love (and hope to see you soon),

Amy said...

Yay! My day was just made by reading this latest post! Lately I've just simply been praying that God helps Gavin to's the little things, after all. But then he one-up'd my wishes and gave Gavin a seizure-free day? How little I know, huh?? :o)

As for being blessed, you are completely correct. I certainly know my own outlook has changed in the most positive ways since Gavin came into our world.

Caleb, on the other hand, has me wondering if he isn't clairvoyant?!... That kid is wise beyond his years, but if he's right about this, I'm going to freak! Ha!

I love you all! I'm praying today is another GREAT day for Gavin and your family.

xoxo A~

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your turn-around. Remember that if God does bless you with's more than some people can ever hope for. I would be SO MAD at you....
1. You get a Down's child.
2. You'd get twins!

IF twins happened, you'd count your blessings. It's your way.
That's spooky about your son's talents. Maybe he has some kind of special gift that can make you lots of money and you could afford twins! Who knows??

Annette Gysen said...

I've been praying for all of you so much! I'm thankful that God has answered by giving Gavin (and all of you) a good day and by providing some relief from the seizures.

I'm glad that you've been able to see (with the help of the Holy Spirit) God's loving hand of providence in this. It's an ongoing struggle to see things in this light. I've been working on a book about persecuted Christians and all of their suffering. One pastor in Turkey said, "Don't pray for the end of persecution; pray that we will persevere." It sounds like you're coming to some similar conclusions about the difficulties you've been facing.

I'm so glad that things are going better! It would be great if it could continue on--and we'll pray for that.