Friday, October 12, 2007

I forgot to mention some more good news. Gavin is off the oxygen again! We have a pulse oximeter at home and can check his oxygen saturation and it's been good. He really hated having it on his face! He constantly pulled it off, tape and all a couple of times! So, I'm glad that he doesn't need it any longer! I wasn't getting much sleep checking on him to make sure he hadn't pulled it off! He saw the doctor this week and he said his lungs sound great and his ear infection is gone. He also needed 5 shots which he was NOT happy about! Poor little guy! He will need to get 2-3 shots once a month, for the next 6 months. He's getting something called Synagis that helps to prevent RSV, a respiratory illness that premature babies and ill children are more receptive to getting. I hate that he's always having to go through something! My mom says it's all he knows though. His entire life he's had to deal with this. It doesn't make me feel any better knowing this, but it's true unfortunately.

I want to respond to a comment we got about my last posting. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject and realize that I could have been nicer, but so could have he! You shouldn't start a conversation with, "What's WRONG with him?" If he really cared he would have said something like, "Poor little guy, he reminds me of my nephew who has heart problems." Not the way he did it! It isn't a stranger's business what is 'wrong' with my child for one thing and for two, he could have been more empathetic if he had to know! I will try to come up with a more appropriate response next time, but if you had to deal with this as often as I do, you would probably get tired of it too and not always respond in a kind way! Plus, I really feel that he should know that his question was rude! Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest!

Have a great weekend!

Love Alicia and Family

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Anonymous said...

I’m sorry if I upset you with my other message. I do understand what you are going through because I grew up with an older brother with many disabilities and I was subjected to many stares, questions and ridicule. I was called names at school because of him and was expected to be a caregiver to him when all I wanted to do is be a kid. The way I was taught to respond to the many questions was similar to what I had suggested, of course that was 30+ years ago and perhaps peoples perspectives have changed. I didn’t mean to upset you more, I only wanted to help. I have followed your journey for several months after your link was given to me from a friend in a prayer group. I will continue to do so, but will respectfully refrain from comment.