Monday, February 18, 2008

I Am The Child - Author Unknown

I am the child who cannot talk. You often pity me, I see it in your eyes. You wonder how much I am aware of. I see that as well. I am aware of much ... whether you are happy or sad or fearful, patient or impatient, full of love and desire, or if you are just doing your duty by me. I marvel at your frustration, knowing mine to be far greater, for I cannot express myself or my needs as you do. You cannot conceive my isolation, so complete it is at times. I do not gift you with clever conversation, cute remarks to be laughed over and repeated. I do not give you answers to your everyday questions, responses over my well being, sharing my needs, or comments about the world about me. I do not give you rewards as defined by the world's standards.. great strides in development that you can credit yourself; I do not give you understanding as you know it. What I give you is so much more valuable... I give you instead opportunities. Opportunities to discover the depth of your character, not mine; the depth of your love, your commitment, your patience, your abilities; the opportunity to explore your spirit more deeply than you imagined possible. I drive you further than you would ever go on your own, working harder, seeking answers to your many questions with no answers. I am the child who cannot talk.I am the child who cannot walk. The world seems to pass me by. You see the longing in my eyes to get out of this chair, to run and play like other children. There is much you take for granted. I want the toys on the shelf, I need to go to the bathroom, oh I've dropped my fork again. I am dependant on you in these ways. My gift to you is to make you more aware of your great fortune, your healthy back and legs, your ability to do for yourself. Sometimes people appear not to notice me; I always notice them. I feel not so much envy as desire, desire to stand upright, to put one foot in front of the other, to be independent. I give you awareness. I am the child who cannot walk.I am the child who is mentally impaired. I don't learn easily, if you judge me by the world's measuring stick, what I do know is infinite joy in simple things. I am not burdened as you are with the strifes and conflicts of a more complicated life. My gift to you is to grant you the freedom to enjoy things as a child, to teach you how much your arms around me mean, to give you love. I give you the gift of simplicity. I am the child who is mentally impaired.I am the disabled child. I am your teacher. If you allow me, I will teach you what is really important in life. I will give you and teach you unconditional love. I gift you with my innocent trust, my dependency upon you. I teach you about how precious this life is and about not taking things for granted. I teach you about forgetting your own needs and desires and dreams. I teach you giving. Most of all I teach you hope and faith. I am the disabled child.

I read this poem on another blog that I've been reading. It touched me and summed up many feelings I've had concerning children with special needs. So, I thought I'd share it with all of you. I have also added a couple of items to the sidebar of this blog. I've added a few songs for your listening pleasure while you read from our site and I've also added some links to a few blog sites that I've been reading. These blogs are about families who have been blessed with some VERY special children! I talked about some of them awhile back.(Jan 25) Most have had children with Trisomy 18. I have been so humbled by reading their sites! They are suffering tremendously, but trusting in God every step of the way! Even though they are hurting so much, they have been such an inspiration to me by sharing their stories and their faith. I'm sharing them with you because I believe all of us could learn from their lessons of love, trust and faith.

Love, Alicia and Family


mommy to 2 bugs said...

Thank you! That is an awesome poem!! It does sum it all up! We were watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition last nite. It was a family who has a son who is 19, blind and in a wheel chair....and he talked not about his DISability but his ABILITY. He is a remarkable musician, singer etc. And leads a remarkable life and doesn't think he's special at all...but has dreams that he wants/has accomplished. It truly is amazing how talented people are, whether they are special needs or not....God works in mysterious, awesome ways and I thank him everyday for what he has given ALL of us!!
love to you!

Annette Gysen said...

That's beautiful, Alicia. Thanks for sharing it. It gives some insight into what these special children experience.

Emily said...

Oh wow. So imagine my surprise when I read your sweet mini-story on Angie Luce's blog and come here, anxious to see your sweet boy's face... only to find that you have my blog linked here! How cool is that? As you may or may not know, there is a precious little guy with Down Syndrome, due on the very day I went into labor with Miller Grace last year, who is in need of a home. We are praying and praying and praying, hoping the Lord will open the door and soften the heart of his biological father to choose us as parents. Will join us in that effort? Will you accept my thanks for letting me gaze into the eyes of your sweet boy tonight, as I pray to my Father about what He has for us? I'm not a trisomy mom, but Miller Grace would certainly have had special needs if she had stayed in this world, so this poem - and your heart in general - speak volumes to me. Thank you!

Inspired said...

Gavin really is a gift to so many and your family's unconditional love and strong faith are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing this poem and all your stories since your journey began. I know it hasn't been easy putting yourself out there, but that is also a gift to so many.

Emily said...

You are too kind! It doesn't bother me to be associated with Trisomy 18 moms, as those little ones are so precious... I just feel a little sneaky assuming a title that doesn't belong to me is all. ;) Sweet Miller Grace was such a rare jewel that there is no label to fit her. One of a kind, in every way! I am so honored that you'd link people to our story.

And tell Gavin he made me smile again today. :)

Kenzie said...


I saw your comments on Angie and Emily's sites and I came to visit... I love seeing pictures of sweet Gavin and how he has so greatly blessed your lives. I know that the changes are radical, as you said, but also amazing. I definitely have a new heart for these wonderful, amazing little ones that communicate simply through being here. Thank you for sharing your journey, for sharing prayers for us as I will now be praying for you and your family as well.

May the Lord bless you greatly as I can see He is using you in a mighty way!

Love and prayers,

Kenzie said...

Forgot to mention, as Emily said, thank you for linking our blog on yours. I know we are all in need of prayer... so THANKS :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I am once again trying to write to you and hope that you will get this. I love reading about you and Gavin and the whole family. you all are in my prayers and I am so happy to hear that Gavin is doing so well. for you and for those of us who work in the field we know how important the little steps are and what those gains mean. you are so blessed to have Gavin and to share him with us. you all are loved so much. thank you for your continued notes and thoughts. I love you all and hope to see you all soon. love Tami