Friday, June 13, 2008

"Songs for Jesus"

This week our church had Vacation Bible School. Yesterday, VBS ended with a program and singing by the children. I was so impressed with the program and went away feeling very uplifted! I really don't think that there is a lovelier sound than that of children singing songs to our Lord! I sat there feeling a little emotional while hearing the large group of children singing with all their hearts about God's word and creation. Caleb was so cute and sang with all his might! I just had to share a couple of the pictures!
Thank You Lord for children! Thank You for showing us faith through a child's eyes! And Thank You for the freedoms our country has that we can worship and sing of your wonderful truths!
Last night, after hearing the uplifting songs of the children, I remembered something Jacob would say to us when he was little. He loved to listen to his bible song tapes.....A LOT! Joel and I would become weary of hearing them over and over again. One day we refused to put one of his tapes in while traveling in the car. This was his response and argument for us: "But, MY songs are for Jesus!" Joel and I just looked at each other, laughed and put the tape on...AGAIN! There was no argument for his response, he won once again! :) I say once again, because Jacob always had a way of coming up with reasons why we should or shouldn't do something. And, let me tell you, they were usually quite good! Like for instance, at the age of 4 he was not obeying me and I said that I was going to have to punish him if he didn't obey. His response? "You don't have to punish me mom! Remember...those bad guys put Jesus on the cross and He took the punishment for me." What could I say to that one?! I tried not to laugh and told him that he was right, but that we still deserved punishment for our bad behavior. Children have such an innocent way of teaching us such important lessons! Just today I muttered, "Children!" because they were goofing off and being obnoxious. Jacob said to me: "You are just lucky to have us Mom!" Yep! He was right again! I am very blessed indeed!
"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

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