Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm going to miss these boys!

I can't believe that summer is almost over! It went by way too fast! I am dreading the day that the boys go back to school! Yes, you heard me right! I am not looking forward to them going to school! Most moms that I talk to can't wait. They are looking forward to consistency, peace, structure. Not me! I must be abnormal or something, but I love all the craziness with having them around! Well, most days anyway. In fact, I'd probably homeschool them if I thought that I'd do a good job of it! But, I know that I'd be way too laid back about it and probably take lots of days off for fun. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to all that comes with this time of year at all! So, I've been a little down in the dumps and wishing for some more time.

I can't believe that I actually have a child that is entering the 7th grade! When did this happen? I'm not that old am I?! Jacob is looking forward to seeing all his friends again and doing the "fun" parts of school, otherwise he's just as sad as I am about it. He hates homework and thinks that all things in life should be fun! I'm sure he'll be fine, but he isn't so sure about this!

Nolan will be starting 3rd grade and can't wait! He absolutely LOVES school, learning and even homework! He misses his friends and I think he actually does better having more structure in his life. So, he's been counting the days down since summer vacation started!

Again, where does the time go?! Caleb will be starting kindergarten! He is very excited about this! I can't believe that he's old enough! I know that he will love it, but I'm going to miss having him around!

Gavin is even starting 'school' in a couple of weeks! He will continue to have physical therapy once a week at home, but will also go to a class once a week. The school said he was old enough to go to school everyday, but I told them that they were crazy! He's not even 2 years old yet! So, that will begin next year. I hope that he stays healthy enough to benefit from this class and make some strides physically and developmentally! He was recently classified as being at a birth-3 month level. Although I knew this, it was still hard to hear! I really pray that he can at least develop enough to sit up on his own in the next year! I may be hoping for too much, but this is my goal for him in the near future. I would appreciate your prayers for this and that he can remain healthy, out of the hospital and without seizures. Thank you!

I hope that all of you can enjoy the rest of your summer! The days are flying by!

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." Philippians 4:23


boltefamily said...

Praying for the rest of the time you have for summer goes SLOWLY! I know what you mean...we didn't send Luke to Kindergarten or preschool this year. I just need one more year with him at home full time! :-) Usually I am ready for Howard to go back too...he is a teacher and this year I would have loved more time...he went back Monday! I think it is awesome that you love being with your boys! We only get a limited time with them! I am always praying for your family!


Anxious AF said...

I didnt want summer to end either. My boys are excited to go, so that makes it easier.
It is so hard to hear where are sweeties are at developmentally, I just got Alex's paper work out this morning to see what it said about that. It made me feel sick.
My crazy goal this year is that Alex starts eating, or wants to eat.

Cathy said...

Yes, we will be praying for Gavin to meet his goals. Also for him staying healthy with no seizures. As I was letting Annabel off at school a mom stopped me to ask about Annabel. She said her son will be having heart surgery next month and that he is T21. She just began to cry. He was just a few months old. My heart just broke for her. When everything is going well it is easier to forget the frailty of our children. Blessing to you and your family. I agree where did summer go!

Tamara said...

Ah Alicia, I am one that is excited for school to start as my boys are bitting at the next and each other! They are jazzed too and like Jessica said, it is easier when they are excited. Abby starts school on September 8th... I laugh inside because I can't imagine her on a little school bus and doing activities with other kids! When we had our meeting here 7 women came to evaluate her and I told them, I'm not sure why exactly I am going along with her doing this because she is so globally delayed, but I don't want to keep her in a box either. I do want to give her every opportunity... who know what God can do! Abbs is 3.5 years and I was told she about an 8 month old in development. Kinda stings, I know... I will be praying for his health and to remain seizure free! HUGGS Tam

Inspired said...

7th grade...YIKES! Seriously, where does the time go. I understand how you like having the boys around and how even the craziness of it all is good : ) Quiet = too much time to think.

Rena like Nolan (as usual) loves school and was so excited to go back. She actually did math all summer. She was sent home with a few math workbooks and enjoyed working on them....yes for fun! She doesn't get that from me for sure!

I want to say "I understand it must have been hard to hear about Gavin's development", but of course I can't understand. Knowing it is one thing, hearing it makes it reality.

I hope Joel has healed and is doing better.

Thinking of you often, especially during this latest transition of sending the boys back to school.

We need to plan a time to actually get together SOON!