Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Wear!

It is finally warm enough to wear shorts around here and I am so happy about this! I bought Gavin this outfit a couple of months ago, even though he still wears the same size that he did last summer and can fit into all of last year's summer outfits. But, I couldn't help myself. I thought it was so cute! And, now I can dress him in it! I think that he looks adorable! What do you think?!

Today, Joel and I have been married for 14 years! It seems longer than that actually, but it doesn't seem possible either. We were just 23 years old when we got married and we have gone through a lot together and have grown up a lot together. It's easy to remember how long that we have been married. We just have to add a year to Jacob's age. I think that I would forget how long we've been married otherwise. Here's to 14 more and hopefully lots of grandchildren! :)

Gavin had his yearly IEP at school today. It actually turned out better than I had prepared myself for it to go! I'll explain more another day, because it's way too nice outside! Gavin and I are headed outside to watch the brothers play! Hope all of you are enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are! :)

"The day is Yours, the night also is Yours; You have prepared the light and the sun. You have set all the borders of the earth; You have made summer and winter." Psalm 74:16-17


Alicia said...

Well of course he looks simply smashing!!! He looks like he is ready to go fishing, so so so cute!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Hope you get to go out and do something nice just the two of you.

Cindy said...

He DOES look super cute!

Happy Aniversary!

Sandi said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love the hat! I totally like buying boys clothes over girls clothes...does that make me weird.
So into blue and handsome over pink and frilly.

Lacey said...

Ohh the baby looks so tute. Jax had an outfit just like that with the matching hat. He can wear all his clothes from last year to so we don't need to buy much. What is that chair that he is in?

Amy said...

HI there, handsome guy!!

Happy anniversary, sis! I hope you and Joel are able to get away and have a nice, romantic meal!


Robin Z said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 14 years together is awesome!

And, yes, Gavin does look super cute in his new summer outfit :) I especially love the hat!

Robin Zondervan

Anonymous said...

He is too cute!!!!! Happy Anniversary. We will keep Gavin in our prayers. Pray that he stays healthy and gains weight. And that school goes well.
Thanks so much for the updates. Love, The Hilton's

Lacey said...

I'm going to go check out those chairs right now. Jax stroller has a seat that you can take out and put it on a base in the house. Of course the insurance didn't approve the base, we are appealing it but I doubt they will aprove it. They say its a convience item, like a bath chair. Its ridiculous that they call them that when we have kids that can't sit up and sit in normal chairs.
I can't wait for his stroller to come in so we can try it out. It has an oxygen tank holder on it and everything.

Heather said...

Handsome as ever Mr.Gavin.Such a big boy.Congratulations on your anniversary.You guys should be very proud of yourselves.You have a beautiful family, that is for sure.

Shan said...

He's looking like such a little man in the bottom picture! So handsome:) I love the plaid shorts, with girls we don't get to do much of that look but I see why you couldn't resist the outfit!!!

Annette Gysen said...

Love the plaid! Be glad he can't tell you that he hates it and refuse to wear it :)!

Happy anniversary to you and Joel! You got a beautiful day to celebrate!

Anxious AF said...

The eather has been great here too! I love him in a hat!
Sorry Im late but happy anniversary!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! Hoping you get to do something extra special.
Your guy is way too handsome. Love his summer attire.

Lacey said...

I checked out those chairs. You'll have to send me a pic of Gavins. Its hard to see on that website. The napnanny looks like it would be perfect for Jax, I just worry that its to small for him. I think I forget that even though he's tiny for a 3 year old, he may be to big. Have you seen one in person? I couldn't see if they had different sizes. What do you think?

Inspired said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Wow 14 have made a wonderful life with each other and a beautiful family!! You make a good team : )

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Gavin's outfit. He is adorable.


Mikaela said...

Nice summer dress for baby boy!! He is looking so cute!!