Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gavin is happy about some news that we got today!

Gavin was supposed to go in tomorrow for an EEG. You may remember that Gavin had started to have some abnormal movements about a month ago and we weren't sure if they were seizures starting up again or not. So, his neurologist wanted an EEG done to see if there was seizure activity showing up. Just so you know, Gavin and I greatly dislike having to have EEG's done! They are not convenient! They are messy! They make Gavin sad and mad! They make me sad. We have to stay up for part of the night, the night before having one done, so that Gavin will hopefully fall asleep during the test and this makes both of us grumpy! Needless to say, EEG's are not fun!

Anyway, thankfully I was able to give Gavin some great news today!

"Gavin, Momma has some news for you."

"Since you haven't had anymore movements or visible seizures in the last couple of weeks, the neurologist says that we can cancel your EEG for tomorrow!"

Gavin says, "This makes me so happy!"

"Really Momma?! I can't believe this!"

"I'm so excited that I could get up and dance!"

Gavin and I had a great day! YAY! Praise God!

Speaking of God.....We were supposed to have had this EEG a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't work out, so it was scheduled for tomorrow instead. God's timing is always best! He knew that Gavin's seizures were going to stop and because we had to wait to get scheduled for the EEG, we have been spared from having to go through it all together! Thank You God!

Now.....I pray that these seizures will just STAY AWAY!!!

"We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near." Psalm 75:1


Anonymous said...

Hi! All of Gavin's pictures are simply adorable! His smiles are so awesome to see. I'm glad that he (and you) don't have to through that EEG, great news. And it so nice to see that Gavin got to enjoy the pool, that is HUGE! We are still unable to get T.J. to enjoy the pool. We'll keep trying!

God bless you and your family,


Cammie Heflin said...

Yeah! So glad that you don't have to ruin a night's sleep! Enjoy your non EEG day!

Heather said...

Zoey does not like EEG's either Gavin.Neither does her anytime we here that one of our little buddies have wiggled their way out of having one .... we are happy for them!Be gone seizures.For good.

Hope said...

EEGs are a pain. Yay Gavin!! No EEG!

Sharon said...

Love those adorable smiles!!! So glad Gavin will not need that EEG test. Most of us would have had no idea what is necessary to prepare Gavin for testing.

Y.O.U. are such a marvelous, patient & loving M.O.M. Gavin has a most wonderful Mother to take care of him so efficiently as Y.O.U. so do. THANK GOD FOR ALICIA!!!

GOD is so Good in his love and care (through the means) for each of us - everyday of our lives.

Hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful week-end.

Lots of LOVE, Sharon

Amy said...

Gavin is the CUTEST!!!!! Give that boy a kiss from his auntie, and a ^High Five^ for not having to go have a lousy EEG! :o)

Love and miss you all! Have a great weekend!

xoxo Amy

Annette Gysen said...

Good news! I'm thankful that neither you nor Gavin have to go through this because the seizures have gone away! We'll pray that they stay away.

Gavin, you have such a sweet smile.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That is fantastic!! I love this series of photos, it might be my favorite so far. :)

Thank heavens for no EEG and even more for no seizures!!

Michelle said...

SAH-WEEET!! These pics just made me smile all the way through! I'm loving the onesie too! TOUGH! How appropriate. I'm so glad the movements have stopped and the seizures are staying away, praying for you guys always. PTL!!

Alicia said...

Great that there will be no EEG, even better the reason why!! HOORAY!! I will pray the seizures stay away.

I love the pictures and narration. What a story you two tell! :)

Shan said...

Yay! Hooray on that one, I hear you EEG's make everyone sad/mad/tired.... So I notice Gavin is in a nap nanny? Do you guys just love it? I have no idea what we did before we got ours!