Monday, November 30, 2009

Picture Time!

A couple of weeks ago, when we had a warm Fall day around here, I decided to take some pictures of our boys outdoors. I thought that it might be a great time to try to get some pictures for our holiday greeting cards. Have I mentioned how difficult it is to get a decent picture of our boys? Well, in case I haven't, check out the evidence below!

They are either covering their faces up with their hands.

Acting goofy.

Trying to do the Moon Walk.

Acting silly.

Or, falling over!

Believe it or not, I was able to get a few good shots of them, amongst all the craziness! Who needs exercise when you have 4 boys to take pictures of?!

Anyway, I would love to send out holiday cards to some of our friends that we have met through blogging and also to friends that we've met in real life. I have a few of your addresses (if I haven't lost them!) and would love to get more of them. So, If you are interested in seeing the finished product of our boys' photo session, and you don't think that I have your address, please e-mail me your address to our yahoo account ( or leave a comment with your address on here.


The following verse, from the Bible, is so fitting that I was actually laughing out loud! Friends are certainly wonderful and brothers DEFINITELY create lots of adversity!! :)

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." Proverbs 17:17


Lacey said...

I'm going to email you, I need your address as well. Jax always has his hands by his face(in case you haven't noticed in all his pics) The other boys are pretty good at staying still, for about 5 seconds :)

Becky said...

ME! I'd LOVE one. :) Our address is:

Steve and Becky Orton
13 Leisure Drive
Gilford, NH 03249

Send me your address! My cards are going out sometime next week.

Unknown said...

As crazy as they may act, you have a really good lookin' crew. I think even the picture of them all sitting in the grass is a good one. Besides the goofiness shows off some personality as well, which is always a good thing in my opinion. Looks to me like they are a bunch of fun and I love how loving they look towards Gavin.

catherine said...

Would love to see the final product of the boys!
Catherine Krause
7125 Delmonico Drive
Colorado Springs CO

looking forward to it! Big kiss to Gavin

(Peter's mom)

Alicia said...

Hahahaha!! I love THESE pictures!! They show how much personality your boys have!

I would love a Christmas card with the finished product. I know I sent you an email with my address a couple of months back. Let me know if you need it again.