Monday, April 12, 2010


Do you ever think about adoption? I do. For the last several years it has been on my heart to consider adoption. I thought about adopting, even before Gavin came into our lives. Since Gavin came into our lives, I have changed my thoughts on adoption. I used to think about about adopting a sweet little baby girl, but this girl would have been free from a "label".

Gavin has a label. He has several labels. His labels are; "The boy with Down syndrome", "The boy with a heart defect", "The boy who suffered a stroke". But, the label that I love the most about Gavin is; "The boy who is LOVED very much"!

Since having Gavin in our lives, my heart has taken on new thoughts about adoption. Now, when I think about adoption, I think about a sweet baby girl who has Down syndrome and who might not be "perfect" in the world's eyes. I think about a precious child out there that REALLY needs a loving home, A child who has a label and who may have a difficult time getting adopted by a loving family.

Gavin has changed my heart and I am so very thankful to God for this!

I think about adoption a lot! I feel like I have so much love to give to little ones and not enough little ones to give this love to. Children are such a gift from the Lord!

Our family is crazy, busy and loud.....but not full enough to my liking. Call me crazy, but this is how I feel. This is why adoption is on my mind often. Some day.....I hope and pray to fill this big dream of mine.

I recently watched the following video and it touched my heart like no other!

Pause the music on the sidebar of this blog and watch it. Be prepared to be filled with awe! I see God working in this video....By my watching it, He has surely touched my heart and has made me feel SO thankful to be apart of His adoptive family!

I have often wondered about those who are Pro-life. Personally, I am Pro-life and proud of it! But to me, being Pro-life is more than just a stance. I'm not saying that everyone should adopt, but I do believe that if you are Pro-life, then you should DO SOMETHING to help this cause out. (Give money, volunteer, etc.)

There are courageous people out there who don't want/or can't raise a child. Or, they find out the child they are carrying has an abnormality and they don't want to take on this enormous responsibility. They find themselves pregnant and unsure of what to do. There are people out there, me included, who say; "Don't get an abortion! It's wrong!" And then, these courageous people don't get an abortion.........Instead, they carry the baby to term and they give them up for adoption. These people are heroes in my eyes!

The problem is; there are many children out there that NEED a home! They were blessed with a Momma who loved them enough to give them they need a HOME!

God adopted me. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I feel, to have been adopted by Him! There is no greater gift!!!

And some day, I hope to do the same for another broken soul. Not today, but I hope and pray, to do this one day soon.

Have you ever considered adoption, or helping out to make sure that those who are put up for adoption are cared for?.....Think about it.


I have a blogging friend who's family is on their way to adopt a little girl. I am SO EXCITED for them! They will be a perfect family for this little girl! They are the parents of 4 boys and their boys are their life.....I can't wait to watch this family's journey to bring another blessing into their home! This is going to be a very blessed little girl!

They are on there way, but they need some help with fundraising. If you have it in your heart to help them, please click on the button below to visit their blog and to help support this wonderful cause. Thank you!

I am so happy for you Ray, Lacey and boys! You will be in my heart and prayers as you travel this exciting road!


"Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive adoption as sons." Galations 4:3-5


Lacey said...

You will get your girl to, I know it! Adopting this way is definitely scary and I sometimes wonder if we'll ever raise enough money. I know we can do it, and I'm excited to go rescue her from a life that would otherwise be very lonely and probably pretty short!

Alicia said...

What a beautiful take on adopting. I am kind of ashamed to admit that, as a child of God, I have never thought of adoption in the way the video presents it. Of course we were orphans! Of course God adopted us as His children! Of course he used so many examples of adoption from the beginning of time!

Thank you for sharing this! I pray that you find your girl soon.

Becky said...

Before Ben I KNEW that I wanted to adopt a down syndrome baby. :) I know it will happen for you. And I'm so excited for Lacey.

Stephanie said...

oh do I want to walk down the path of adoption! God willing day!

What a powerful video! Thanks for sharing!

I'm so excited for Lacey and Ray too!!!!

Jenkins said...

Adoption is something we really thought that we were going to do. It is such an amazing gift.
Three boys right now are just enough...not to mention all of Brayden's needs
Thank you for sharing.